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MLW Intimidation Games results: Alex Hammerstone vs. Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger

The MLW World Heavyweight Championship was up for grabs in a massive triple threat match.
Intimidation Games 28-Apr-2022

Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to Dallas, Texas, for a special episode of Intimidation Games episode of MLW Fusion. This was the second episode of Fusion filmed during WrestleMania weekend.

National Openweight champion Alex Kane had a big statement to make as he interrupted Dombrowski and Bocchini's open to announce that he and his bodyguard Mr. Thomas are coming for Calvin Tankman, EJ Nduka and their tag team titles. Later in the night, the two teams came face-to-face backstage but didn't come to blows. 

Arez, Mini Abismo Negro and Gino Medina (w/ Gangrel) defeated Micro Man, Aramis and KC Navarro

Strange Sangre's Arez and Mini Abismo Negro were accompanied by Gangrel, but the Attitude Era star did not get involved. 

After being pinned by Micro Man in a recent six-man tag, Medina had taken out his frustrations by attacking Aramis and busting him open. But when it came to wrestling Aramis tonight, Medina wanted nothing to do with him in the early going. Later on, they both had a heated exchange when Aramis saved Micro Man from Medina and hit him with a suicide dive to the floor. 

Arez and Aramis really gell well together and rekindled their feud with a series of great fluid exchanges here.

Mister Saint Laurent had his grand hype entrance for Micro Man, but that gave him a huge bullseye as he was again beaten down, often 3-on-1 throughout the match.

Navarro is currently feuding with nZo but had to switch his attention for this match. He and Arez worked well together when in the ring and after helping Micro Man hit a crossbody from the top rope to the floor, he and Aramis hit stereo tope con hiro dives on opposite sides of the ring.

Most of Micro Man's spots were with Abismo Negro including a rolling senton off the top, but he was also involved in a tower of doom by pulling Medina, Arez and Aramis off the top rope. 

Aramis looked to be in control while in the ring with Medina, but "El Intocable" pulled Aramis' mask to the side and dropped him with a TKO into a sit-out facebuster for the win.

- Alex Marvez interrupted Alex Hammerstone getting pumped and "enhancing" before the main event. The MLW Champion said he is firing on a whole other level right now.

- This June marks MLW's 20th anniversary and some stars from the original roster will be returning to celebrate. The first announced were Joel and Jose of Los Maximos.

- Mads Krugger said he will finish his mission tonight after beating Hammerstone in the Bakalai Brawl and beating Fatu in their recent weapons-filled Stairway to Hell match. Krugger had a new graphic called "The Black Hand" so we may be seeing an offshoot of CONTRA Unit being formed soon. 

- Who attacked Myron Reed two weeks ago on Fusion? The Young GOAT wanted answers as he demanded the masked man show his face next week as he puts the Middleweight title on the line.

- 5150 said they were taking a road trip with their IWA Puerto Rico Tag Team titles.

- Taya Valkyrie is returning to MLW to compete in the Featherweight division.

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Mads Krugger and Jacob Fatu in a triple threat match to retain

Richard Holliday joined Bocchini and Dombrowski on commentary, but ended up only being there mere minutes as Hammerstone jumped him before the bell and sent him to the back. Krugger then jumped Hammerstone but both were quickly squashed by a Fosbury flop flying Fatu as the title match started chaotically.

Hammerstone and Fatu reversed finishers before they started throwing each other around, Hammerstone hit an overhead throw and Fatu landed a spinning uranage. Krugger then took both out with a double chokeslam and a massive dive over the top rope to the floor.

Krugger was in control, but Hammerstone used his power to fight back and run Krugger into the corner, later hitting pair of powerslams on his opponents.

Krugger hit Hammerstone with a fallaway slam off the top rope, but was immediately squashed again with a Fatu senton bomb.

Fatu floored Hammerstone with a pop-up Samoan drop and rocked a chair off Krugger's skull. He then used chairs to hit a coast to coast on Hammerstone. Krugger then brought in his Bakalai club and floored both his opponents, but Hammerstone went low to get a little payback.

Hammerstone set a wooden board in the corner of the ring and had a visual pinfall on Krugger, but the referee was down. Holliday returned and dropped Hammerstone with his 2008 twisting suplex finisher. Fatu then came off the top with a moonsault on the champion, but the referee was still down and couldn't count the three.

Fatu speared Krugger through the board and fell to the floor. Hammerstone then hit Krugger with the Nightmare Pendulum to win the match and retain his title.

As Hammerstone was celebrating, we learned Fatu's next feud as the cameras showed him lying knocked out on the ground. Bestia 666 emerged behind him yielding a chair, flanked by Cesar Duran and a masked henchman.

Next week:

  • Davey Richards vs. Richard Holliday