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Updated list of entrants for MLW Battle Riot match


A former Battle Riot winner is set to take part in this year's version of the match.

MLW has announced that Tom Lawlor will be one of the participants in this year's Battle Riot. There have now been 28 entrants announced for the match. It's taking place at MLW's television tapings at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this Saturday.

This will be the third Battle Riot match that MLW has presented. Lawlor won the inaugural Battle Riot in 2018. LA Park then won the match in 2019.

The Battle Riot is a 40-man battle royal that starts with two wrestlers in the ring. A new participant is then added every 60 seconds. Eliminations can occur via pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope.

Lawlor went on to become MLW World Heavyweight Champion with the title shot that he got for winning 2018's Battle Riot. The Battle Riot winner gets a World title shot whenever they want it. The title is currently held by Jacob Fatu.

Here's the updated list of entrants for Saturday's Battle Riot:

  • MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone
  • King Muertes
  • IWA Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday
  • Zenshi
  • Lee Moriarty
  • TJP
  • Gringo Loco
  • Arez
  • Kevin Ku
  • Mads Krugger
  • MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed
  • Gino Medina
  • Calvin Tankman
  • Savio Vega
  • EJ Nduka
  • Marshall Von Erich
  • Ross Von Erich
  • Aramis
  • King Mo
  • Bu Ku Dao
  • Alex Kane
  • Davey Richards
  • Shawn Daivari
  • Kit Osbourne
  • Josef Samael
  • Ikuro Kwon
  • Simon Gotch
  • Tom Lawlor