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Bellator 147 live results: Josh Thomson vs Pablo Villaseca

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Bellator MMA is back on Spike TV at 9 pm eastern with it's final event of the year, from San Jose University Events Centre. Former Strikeforce Champion Josh Thomson hopes to get closer to a title shot in Bellator with a win over virtual unknown Villaseca. Also on the card is an interesting Featherweight match between former WSOF Champion Georgi Karakhanyan and perennial Bellator contender Daniel Weichel, coming off a loss to then-champion Patricio Friere. And speaking of the Pitbulls, Patricio's brother Patricky returns to the Bellator cage in a Lightweight fight with another longtime Bellator competitor Derek Anderson. Brian Rogers makes his Light Heavyweight debut against former Strikeforce fighter Virgil Zwicker. Rounding out the card is a Lightweight fight between unbeaten Adam Piccolotti and Mario Soto, with only one loss  on his record.

The prelims start at 7 pm eastern and can be viewed at We'll have results here after  they take place and then full play by play and results of the main card once it starts on Spike. 

Light Heavyweights Virgil Zwicker (14-4-1) vs Brian Rogers (11-8)

First round:   Zwicker missed weight.  He doesn’t look in shape at all.  They traded punches.  They traded again.  Another big trade.  Neither is getting the better of it.  Hard body kick by Rogers.  Rogers slammed  him down into side control and kept him down the rest of the round.  10-9 Rogers.

Second round:    Rogers kicked him in the groin hard and Zwicker went down.  This was a super nasty kick.  Zwicker is up and going to be able to continue.  Zwicker with a  low kick.  Nice right by Zwicker.  Low kicks by Zwicker.  Rogers threw a kick and lost his balance but got back up.  Takedown by Rogers.  He got his back.  Rogers moved to full mount and throwing punch after punch.  Zwicker is in trouble.  He’s working for a head and arm choke from side control, and got it.     

Lightweights Adam Piccolotti (6-0) vs Mario Soto (6-1)

First round:  These are two local fighters.  Piccolotti has his back in the piggy back position.  Now he’ got him down and has his back.  Now he’s moved to mount.  He’s working for a head and arm choke.  Who is the agent tongiht?  Trying to steal finishes form the opening match.  Soto tried an ankle lock but  Piccolotti reversed to his back.  Soto out of trouble and back up.  Left and right by Piccolotti.  Piccolotti with some punches.  Piccolotti 10-9.

Second round:    Piccolotti took him down off a kick and throwing punches on the ground.  Now he’s in full mount.  Now he’s got his back.  Piccolotti just throwing punches.  Piccolotti workihg for a choke.  Piccolotti gave it up to throw more punches.  Sotob leeding from elbows and Piccolotti working for a choke and looks like he has it.  Soto tapped.  Soto was busted up pretty bad from the elbows.

Lightweights Patricky Freire (14-6) vs Derek Anderson (12-2)

First round:  Glad Coker doesn’t hate Ole Anderson, or else he’d be Derek Kennedy.  Trading hard shots.  Freire smiled.  Anderson landed a good right.  High kick by Anderson.  Right by Anderson.  Anderson got inside and landed some more.  Both now missing a lot.  Pitbull tried for a takedown, Anderson went for a choke but Pitbull escaped and got his back.  He’s in the piggy back position now.  Both to their feet.  Anderson with a nice slam and Pitbull reversed to the top in side control.  Now Pitbull on top  with an elbow.  Andeson reversed to the top.  Pitbull up.  Good round.  10-9 Anderson.

Second round:   Anderson landing.  Pitbull starring to land and hurt him.  Pitbull low kicks and a nice uppecut and jumping kick.  Body kick by Anderson.  Pitbull landed a nice series.  Anderson with a  body kick.  Knee by Pitbull.  Pitbull took him down into side control.  Pitbull has his back.  He’s got a body triangle.  Pitbull with punches.  Pitbull’s round so 19-19.

Third round:   Anderson landing punches.  Head kick by Anderson.  More punches by Anderson.  Pitbull with a takedown.  Anderson back up.  Pitbull got in and Anderson tied him up.  A knee, two punches, and a low kick by Anderson.  Knee by Pitbull.  Both trading.  Pitbull with elbows as Anderson shot for a takedown.  Pitbull reversed a takedown to the top but Anderson back up.  Anderson going for a takedown and Pitbull switched to the top.  Anderson tried a guillotine at the bell.  Close round.  Anderson 29-28 but this could go either way.

Scores:   29-28 Anderson 29-28 Pitbull 29-28 Anderson

Featherweights Georgi Karakhanyan (24-4-1) vs Daniel Weichel (35-9)

First round:  Weichel with a body kick.  Weichel kicked him low.  Weichel landing good low kicks.  Weichel with some punches.  Kharakhanyan slapped him in the face.  Weichel 10-9.

Second round:  Weichel with a front kick.  Karakhanyan with a front kick.  Weichel landing punches.  Weichel with more punches.  Karakhanyan wih a spin kick to the head.  Body kick had by Weichel.  Another body kick by Weichel.  Another body kick by Weichel.  Body kickj by  Weichel.  Weichel landed a left.  Weichel 20-18.

Third round:   Weichel with a punch and body kick.  Kharakhanyan with a body kick.  Nice spin kick to the head by Kharakhanyan.  Right landed by Weichel.  Front kick by Weichel.  Right by Weichel.  Weichel continues to land.  A nice exchange .  Weichel still landing more.  Weichel landing much more.  Kharakhanyan’s left leg all bruised up.  Kharakanyan tried a spin kick and missed.  Weichel 30-27.

Scores:    All three have it 30-27 for Weichel

Main Event -

Lightweights Josh Thomson (21-8) vs Pablo Villaseca (10-1)

First round:  Thomson obviously is the star of the show.  Body kick by Thomson.  Takedown by Thomson.  Thomson working for a triangle.  Now he’s got an armbar.  Now an uma plata.  Villaseca escaped from all the attempts.  Knee by Villaseca.  Knee by Thomson.  Low kick by Villaseca.  Villaseca got a takedown.  Thomson back up.  Villaseca got him down momentarily agan.  Villaseca with a knee to the groin.  Thomson with a takedown.   Thomson 10-9.

Second round:  Thomson  with a takedown and landed some blows.  Thomson trying to get mount.  But Villaseca managed to block the attempt.   Thomson with lots of punches.  Thomson landing a lot of punches.  Thomson is landing punch after punch and it’s about to be stopped.  And it’s over.    3:59

After the fight they Jimmy Smith asked Thomson about facing Will Brooks for the title.  Interestingly, he kind of blew it off, saying he'll fight Brooks but right now he said the hype was for a fight with Michael Chandler.  That was an interesting response.