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Bellator 150 live results: Cheick Kongo vs Vinicius Spartan

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Bellator 150 is live on Spike TV from the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas. There's a good mix of familiar names and up and coming prospects on the five fight main card. Action gets underway at 9 pm eastern.

Women's Flyweights Lena "Hunter" Ovchynnikova (10-3) vs "Ruthless" Rebecca  Ruth (5-1)

The ladies kick off the festivities! Big John is your referee. This opened up as a real slugfest with both ladies landing hard shots right off the bat. Lena got a takedown 1:30 in and right into side control with a choke but Ruth escaped and swept into side control herself. Lena working for a head triangle from the bottom. Ruth landing knees to the body as Lena tries to get to her feet. Lena to her feet at 4:00 but Ruth still controlling her in a clinch. Separation at 4:30 and Ruth unloaded with a punch combo and then right back to a clinch. 10-9 Ruth

Ruth slipped early in round 2 and Lena pounced on her but Ruth quickly up. Both ladies landing punches and kicks again early and then Ruth took Lena down 45 seconds in. Lena up quickly. Ruth cut on the forehead. Ruth knocked Lena down with a punch but didn't go right to the mat with her, giving her a chance to get up. Cage clinch at 2:00 with Ruth in control. Ruth landing punches to the head from the clinch and then they separate at 3:00. Ruth with a body punch combo at 3:15. Lena bleeding from the nose. Ruth landing more punches and stalking Lena around the cage. Lena is staggering from punches but still on her feet. Lena answers back with a punch combo of her own at 4:00. Spinning back fist by Lena misses and she slips. Ruth follows her to the ground and working for an armbar. Lena gets top position but Ruth still with the arm cinched. Bell saves Lena. 10-9 Ruth, 20-18

Lena is the signee that Bellator was trumpeting but Ruth stealing the spotlight from her. Announcers putting over Lena's heart though in staying in this fight that she's being dominated in. Ruth with a takedown 45 seconds in. Announcers point out that all of Ruth's wins have been by submission as she works for a sub from her back. Ruth landing elbows to the head as she moves into side control though. Ruth takes Lena's back as she tries to make her way to her feet and every time Lena even gets to her knees, Ruth drags her right back down. Lena to her feet at 2:45 and Ruth takes her down with a judo throw. Cut on Ruth's forehead bleeding heavily now but she's still controlling Ruth and keeping her on the mat. Ruth holding Lena down with a rolling half-nelson at 3:45. Lena still looking for a submission but Ruth active enough on top that it would be difficult. At 4:30, Ruth stood up, forcing Lena to her feet. Awesome visual at Ruth's hair is wildly all over the place as she presses forward with punches and takes Lena down just before the bell. 10-9 Ruth, 30-27. Last round could arguably be a 10-8

WINNER - REBECCA RUTH (6-1) by unanimous decision. Scores 29-28 x 2; 30-27

Ruth got promo time. She thanked  her family, friends and God and put over the USA. Her kids were at ringside and she said that missing some of her kids games and practices are worthwhile when you work hard and get a win like this. Very good promo and she came off pretty likeable. 

Bellator is all about their "special announcements" and we've got one coming up later tonight as it pertains to the middleweight title and Champion Rafael Carvalho. 

Featherweights Gaston Reyna (5-0) vs Chuka Willis (6-2)

Willis is just 22 but Reyna is a finisher with his 5 pro fights going a total of 11 minutes. Willis is also the local guy. Rob Hinds is the 3rd man in the cage. Willis initiates a cage clinch early. Sean Grande on commentary says this is a fight they've been trying to put together for a couple of years on the regional circuit and it was only bumped to the main card when the original main event was cancelled. Willis briefly takes Reyna down but he gets up. Willis still controlling him in a clinch. Reyna with a trip takedown but Willis right up. They separate at 2:30. Reyna threatening Willis with kicks and keeping him at a distance  but Willis shoots in and takes him down. Reyna with a guillotine on the way down though. Reyna also with a body triangle and Willis loses his mouthpiece while still in the choke. Willis out and in top position. Willis with back mount at 4:30 as the guillotine attempt may have tired Reyna out. Close round, 10-9 Willis

Willis knocks Reyna down with a punch 30 seconds in and follows him to the mat but Reyna up quickly. Willis holding him against the cage and lands some knees to the body, including one that looked a little low. Takedown by Willis at 1:15. Reyna cut on the side of his head, which apparently happened in the first round. Reyna to his feet at 1:45. Ref breaks it up as apparently Reyna hit a low blow but the announcers didn't really explain it. Willis holding Reyna against the cage on the restart but Reyna getting a chance to recover from that knockdown. Reyna with a standing guillotine attempt at 2:45 but lets it go quickly. They are promising a live interview with Royce Gracie later  tonight. Reyna with a spin kick to the body landing right before the bell. 10-9 Willis, 20-18 overall

Jimmy has it 1 round a piece, which is certainly possible. Willis with a takedown 30 seconds in and takes his back on the ground but Reyna gets to his feet  quickly. Willis holding him against the cage like he did most of the 2nd round. Ref warns them to improve their position at 1:30. Willis gets him back  down at 2:00 and lands some punches to the head. Reyna up again fairly quickly but Willis still controlling him against the cage. The announcers discussed the new weight-cutting policy and how it would favor Willis, who cuts more weight. They get warned again for lack of action at 3:30. He finally breaks them up at 4:00. Reyna coming forward but Willis catches him with a punch. Reyna initiates a cage clinch, which is kind of stupid  since he needs a finish. Willis gets control at 4:45. Brief separation and Reyna firing out with a punch combo. Reyna going for a guillotine standing as the round ends. 10-9 Willis, 30-27 overall

WINNER - CHUKA WILLIS (7-2) by unanimous decision; scores 29-28, 30-27 x 2

The announced after this fight that Rafael Carvalho will defend the Middleweight title the week after their next tentpole event against Melvin Manhoef. Pat Curran will take on Georgi Karakhanyan in the co-main on that card on May 20th. 

Middleweights Kendall Grove (22-15) vs Francisco France (13-3-1)

Rob Hinds gets the dukes for this one. France keeping his distance early as Grove has a huge reach advantage at 6 ft 6. The winner here could be next  in line for the Carvalho-Manhoef winner. France starting to connect with leg kicks and backs Grove up to the cage, initiating a clinch. Grove hits him with a low blow, causing a break. On the restart, France lost his position, which was a mistake by the ref. France lands another hard leg kick and goes back tothe clinch. Grove gets control and lands some foot stomps and knees to the body. Ref warning them to improve at 4:00.  France  gets control at 4:15 and lands knees to the body. Both guys trading punches to the body from the clinch. 10-9 France but very close

Graove backs up France with punches early and finishes him with ground and pound to get the stoppage.

WINNER - KENDALL GROVE (23-15) by KO at 35 seconds of Round 2.

Grove dedicated the win to his brother, who passed away last month. 

Royce Gracie was interviewed at cageside. Says he tried to get out but Scott Coker pulled him back in. Says there's no controversy and he beat Ken Shamrock no question, like he did the first two times. They also announced that they will re-air this show next Saturday, which is up against a UFC PPV. Very interesting.

Lightweights David "Caveman" Rickels (16-4) vs "Super Dooper" Bobby Cooper (12-6)

Of course they air Rickels' entrance. Superstar reaction from the crowd. Even louder for his intro. Big John is back again as the third man. One of Cooper's "noteable wins" is someone named Rome Lindsey. So, ya, this could be a walk for the Caveman. Caveman opens with hard leg kicks. Both guys trading punches at 1:00 and Cooper actually getting the better of it. Caveman initiates a cage clinch at 1:15 but Cooper wrestles away control. Rickels gets separation and unloads with a punch combo before clinching up again. Quick separation. Rickels slips throwing a punch at 2:30 but Cooper lets him back up. Rickels shoots for a takedown but it's blocked and he eats a hard punch to the head from Cooper. Another cage clinch with Rickels in control. Cooper nails some punches but Rickels with a knee to the body that crumples Cooper. Rickels all over him with ground and pound and Cooper leaking blood like a faucet. McCarthy gave him a bit of time but finally stepped in to stop it.


A welterweight bout from the prelims aired next, which saw Andre Fialho move to 6-0 with a 29 second KO of Manny Meraz, who drops to 8-2. Impressive power as Meraz was out with one punch. 

Main Event -

Heavyweights Cheick Kongo (23-10-2) vs Vinicius Spartan (8-3)

Sean Grande mentions that Kongo has fought guys like Cain Velasquez, Mark Hunt, Mirko Cro Cop and Matt Mitrione while making sure to mention that Mitrione is a free agent. At 40, he really has been in there with just about every top name in the division. All of Spartan's wins have been by stoppage. Big Jiohn gets the main event reffing assignment. Spartan with a huge height and reach advantage, using it to control the cage early. McCarthy warning Spartan to either close his hand or keep his fingers in, as he's cocked to poke Kongo in the eye if he hits him in the face. Fans booing 1:30 in as nothing much happening. Kongo with a brief bunch flurry at 1:45. Kongo gets it into the centre of the cage where there's still nothing happening. Kongo connecting with hard leg kicks. Spartan starting to advance again and nails a nice punch combo at 3:15 but Kongo clinches up on the cage. Spartan with a trip takedown at 4:00 but Kongo right up. Kongo continuing to land leg kicks. Spartan's leg starting to show damage. Spartan nails a spinning back fist that rocks Kongo but he recovers and goes to a cage clinch with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Kongo

Kongo landing leg kicks early again. Spartan with a hard punch to the head that connects flush 30 seconds in but Kongo shakes it off. Spartan continuing to advance. Kongo starting to mix in punch combos with the leg kicks. Spartan starting to react to each kick. Crowd booing heavily at 2:15 as not much happening in a typical Kongo fight. Kongo blocks a spinning back fist but Spartan takes him down at 2:45. Spartan with body punches while Kongo just tries to hold him in his guard. Ref warning them to work at 3:45. Spartan trying to advance but Kongo defending well. Ref stands them up with 15 seconds left. Very close round, 10-9 Spartan

Jimmy has Kongo up two rounds. Total strikes are 37-13 for Kongo. Spartan with a takedown 30 seconds in. Spartan trying hard to advance but again, Kongo defending very well and holding him in his guard. Crowd booing again at 1:45. Kongo to his feet at 2:00 and quick separation. Kongo right back to the leg kicks and landing punches that rock Spartan. Kongo with a takedown attempt stuffed by Spartan. Kongo landing knees to the body from the clinch. Ref breaks it up at 3:00. Spartan knocks Kongo down with a punch and follows him to the ground but doesn't throw many strikes on the ground and Kongo again just holding him there. Ref stands them up with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Spartan, 29-28 overall for him but it depends how you score round 2. Kongo not acting like he thinks he won, while Spartan holding up his hands in a victory pose.

WINNER - CHEICK KONGO (24-10-2) by split decision; scores 30-27, 28-29 and 29-28. No way Kongo won that third round.