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Bellator 154 live results: Phil Davis vs King Mo

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Bellator MMA is back on Spike TV with a show starting earlier than usual, at 8 pm eastern/5 pm pacific. Originally scheduled as a “tent-pole” show, the card has been ravaged by injury and tragedy and is a shell of what it once was. The show, from San Jose, lost the Josh Thomson vs. Michael Chandler fight, which would have been even more important given lightweight champion Will Brooks is no longer with the promotion.  Jordan Parsons passed away when he was hit crossing the street by somebody who had no business driving.

Former Strikeforce Champion King Mo Lawal, fresh off his win in the Rizin Heavyweight tournament on their New Year’s Eve shows, takes on former UFC veteran Phil Davis, who won a one-night tournament of his own last September in Bellator in San Jose. The winner will get a shot at Champion Liam McGeary later this year. The rest of the card is mostly unknowns with another former Strikeforce fighter, Evangelista Santos, going up against Saad Awad in the co-main event. Santos fights on the same night that his more famous ex-wife Cris Cyborg makes her UFC debut in an odd coincidence.

Not a big crowd, but you wouldn't expect it to be with a one fight show and no local stars.  The crowd is about what WWE would draw for a house show in this building.


First round:  Fialho is from Portugal but he's an AKA fighter out of San Jose, while Reger is also a Bay Area fighter.  Reger with low kicks.  Fialho knocked him down with a  right.  Fialho looks a lot bigger.  Reger working for a takedown.  Knee by Fialho.  Low kick by Fialho.  Fialho landing solid shots.  He dropped him again but Reger back up.  Fialho dropped him a third time with a right uppercut and finished him with a punch on the ground.  2:11

Fialho said that he wants to be world champion and he's going to get that belt.

They just announced tonight's show is dedicated to the memory of Jordan Parsons. 

On the screen they are doing a music video somewhat like you'd see at a UFC live event.  It's updaed because it showed Andrey Koreshkov beating Benson Henderson.


First round:  Piccolott is a Bay Area fighter who is he crowd favorite.  Wood with a side kick.  Another side kick by Wood.  Nice head kick by Wood and Piccolotti took him down off that.  Short slam by Piccolotti.  Piccolotti with punches.  Piccolotti with full mount and bow he's got his back.  He's working for the choke already. .  Now he's working for a head and arm choke.  Piccolloti with punches from the mount. He's jumped on Wood's back and is again working for a choke, and this time he's got it.  Piccolotti looked quite good on the ground here.  3:17

They noted Piccolotti was supposed to fight Parsons.  He said it was tough and emotional but he pushed through it.  He said he wants to fight as much as possible and doesn't want to wait six months to fight again.  


First round:  Both are Bay Area fighters.  Labiano from Hayward and San Diego from Milpitas.  He must get teased ridiculously with that name.  San Diego tagged him.  San Diego with a high kick.  San Diego with a takedown.  Labiano up.  Knee by  San Diego.  Labiano going for a takedown but can't get it.  San Diego threw a kick and Labiano used it to take him down and threw some punches late.  10-9 San Diego

Second round:  Body kick by San Diego.  Not much happening this round.  San Diego moving fowward.  He's throwing kicks that are being blocked.  Now Labiano with a kick that was blocked.  Labiano  in with a punch and San Diego with a body kick. Left by and knee by San Diego.  Boyd kick by Labaino.  Body kick by Labiano.  Labiano going for a takedown.  San Diego with elbows and Labiano took  him down.  San Diego back up.  San Diego threw a spinning elbow at the bell.  Close round for Labiano.  19-19.

Third round:  Body shot by Labiano.  Right by San Diego.  Body kick by San Diego.  Spinning backfist by Labiano somewhat blocked.  San Diego moving forward.  Labiano with a series of kicks  and now going for a takedown.  Labiano got him down.  John McCarthy ordered a standup.  San Diego blocked a takedown, ended up on top in the mount and pounded him out with wild and hard punches and elbows as the round came to a close.  San Diego won the round in the last 15 seconds. 29-28 San Diego.

Scores:  All scored it 29-28 for San Diego.

They announced Michael Chandler will face Patricky Pitbull Freire on June 24th in St. Louis for the vacant lightweight title.  Chandler is talking about Jordan Parsons and the Bellator scholarshp fund in his name to train at the J Robinson camp.


First round:  Santos has a grea look for a fighter and an awesome video wall entrance.  Awad is moving up from lightweight.  Santos used to be a middleweight.  Hard low kick by Santos.  Both throwing knees from the clinch.  Santos trying for a takedown.  He put Awad on his back.  Cyborg is holding him down to the first boos of the show.  Awad working for an armbar and Santos is working for a heel hook.  Awad kicking him while Santos continues to work for the heel hook.  Awad got on top and is throwing a lot of punches now.  Santos is hurt bad.  There's a ton of unanswered punches here.  Awad kept pounding on him.  I'm surprised this hasn't been stopped.  Awad keeps throwing punches.  Santos is bleeding now.  Finally it was topped about 30 punches late.   4:31

Awad said he wants to move to 155 pounds and face Josh Thomson next.


First round:  Mo got light cheers, no boos.  Fans have no emotional attachment to either of these guys.  Davis threw  a kick short.  Mo with a hard right.  Body kick by Davis.  Left and right by Mo. Body shot by Mo.  Left and right by Mo.  Body kick by  Davis.  Body shot by Mo.  Davis with a body kick and Mo caught the leg.  Davis tried for a takedown and didn't come close.  Davis again went for the takedown and Mo stopped it easily.  Hard low kick by Davis.  Body kick by Davis.  Mo 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Davis.  Davis wih a kick and Mo caught the leg and took him down.  Davis right back up.  Davis missed a crazy kick and nearly fell on his ass.  Davis with punches.  Davis kicked him low.   Crowd is ooing as little is happening.  Low kick by Davis.  Body kick by Davis.  Body kick by Davis.  Low kick by Davis. Both missing punches.  Body kick by Davis and Mo with a punch.  Davis with a left and a front kick.  Crowd booing.  Davis with ar ght.  Body kick by Davis.  DMo i with pucnehs but mose missed.  Davis went fo rakedown and din't get it.  Rihgt hby Mo.  Body kciks by Davis.  Davis so 19-19 after two.

Third round:  Mo landed a right but missed a follow up.  Body kick by Davis. A knee by Davis. Mo with a left.  Both missing shots.  Crowd booing.  Mo landed as he moved in.  Mo landing a left.  Another left by Mo  Mo moving in but not landing.  Good right by Davis hurt Mo and he took him down.  Davis is pounding on him on the ground.  That shot probably won Davis the fight.  Davis has his back.  Davs working for a Kimura.  Mo reversed to the top.  Davis landing shots has Mo hurt.  Davis slipped on a high kick but Mo was slow to capitalize on it.  Crowd really liked the ending.  Mo just looked too tired and slow at the end.  Davis 29-28.

Scores:  29-28, 30-27, 30-27 Davis.  Some booing of the decision 

Phil Davis and Liam McGeary were in the cage together.  McGeary said he was knocking im out definitely.  Davis told him "Good luck" in a loud and sarcastic manner.  They shook hands when it was over.