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Bellator MMA 136 live coverage and results: Lightweight Champion Will Brooks vs. Dave Jansen

By Paul Fontaine,

Welcome to our live coverage of Bellator 136, coming to you tonight from Irvine, CA, and headlined by lightweight champion and past Figure Four Daily guest "Ill" Will Brooks taking on top challenger Dave Jansen.

A few interesting prelims on the undercard:

- Fabricio Guerreiro (20-3) vs John Teixeira (18-1-2)

Teixeira won a pretty terrible fight on 3 x 29-28 scores. Fabricio didn't even show up until the third.

- Saad Awad (17-6) vs Rob Sinclair (12-2)

Awad did just enough to win each round and take it 30-27 on all 3 cards. Slightly better than the first fight but nothing to write home about.

- Joey Beltran (15-11) vs Brian Rogers (11-7)

This was something else. Beltran finished Rogers at the end of round 2. Rogers stopped fighting with about 30 seconds left but ref Mike Beltran inexplicably let it go on. At the end Rogers was on his knees with both hands on the ground and Beltran was wailing away on him and the ref wouldn't stop it. Two judges gave Beltran a 10-8 for that round and he won by majority decision with 28-28, 29-28 and 29-27 scores.

Main Card:

Heavyweights  Alexander Volkov (24-4) vs. Tony Johnson (8-2)

Volkov is the former Bellator champion and has won 5 straight since dropping the belt to Vitali Minakov. Johnson's making his Bellator debut but holds wins over Tim Sylvia and Derrick Lewis

And we're LIVE on Spike TV! 

This is what it would look like if Daniel Cormier fought Alexander Gustaffson. Interesting that they don't list Lewis on Johnson's "notable victories. Ox Mike Beltran is the ref. He also reffed the Rogers fight earlier.

Johnson using his wrestling early but Volkov defends the takedown attempts well. Johnson is a former Division 1 wrestler. Johnson keeping him against the cage for the first couple minutes. Wild exchange of punches from both guys at 2:15 and then Johnson goes back to a clinch. Johnson fighting hard for a takedown but Volkov defending well. They finally separate at 2:45 and Volkov poked in the eye on the way out. Volkov landing some hard shots in the standup but Johnson finally gets his takedown at 3:15. Johnson takes his back and gets on a half-nelson but lets it go. Volkov to his feet at 4:15. Clear 10-9 for Johnson

Johnson gets a takedown right away to start round 2. Volkov's got a guillotine from the bottom but it's not tight and he breaks free quickly. John Krasinsky vs Anna Kendrick on Lip Synch Battle next week. I'm there! That show is great, btw. Much better than this fight. Johnson doing just enough to avoid a standup through 2:30. Volkov working for a Kimura from the bottom and Johnson powers out and takes his back at 3:30. Volkov won't let it go and he's eating shots. Finally does and to his feet. Johnson's still in control of a clinch on the cage though. Johnson just holds him against the cage for the last minute. Another 10-9 for him

Johnson right back to a clinch on the cage to start. Johnson up 25-3 in ground strikes thru two rounds. Volkov lands a series of knees from the clinch but Johnson still holding him. This is EXACTLY how a Cormier-Gus fight would go. Ref finally breaks up the clinch 3 minutes in. Volkov picking him apart standing and rocks him at 3:30 with a punch and Johnson goes right back to a clinch. Volkov is winning this round but he needs a finish to win the fight. Volkov breaks away and lands a few shots and Johnson right back to a clinch at 4:00. Johnson holds him there till the end of the round. Volkov 10-9 in Round 3 but Johnson should take the fight.

Tito Ortiz says hello prior to the decision. 

And we've got a split decision as one judge inexplicably gave Volkov two rounds there. No idea how. 

WINNER: TONY JOHNSON (9-2) 29-28 x 2; 28-29

Lightweights Marcin Held (20-3) vs. Tiger Sarnavskiy (30-2)

This one should be fun. Held is an absolute pleasure to watch with some of the best ground work in any weight class. Tiger just never slows down and always looks for the finish. It should be quick, slick and violent.

They showed clips of the weigh-in and the main event looks pretty heated. I still see it going to a 5 round decision. Jansen looks like he's trying too hard to be "controversial". Ken and Frank Shamrock in the house for this one.

Both guys firing away to start. Held gets a takedown 1:30 in and goes a leglock but Tiger escapes. John McCarthy is the ref here. Held ends up on top in Tiger's guard. Both guys working for submissions on the ground. Held works into side control at 3:30. Tiger sweeps out of it and ends up on top. Held going for an Uma Plata but Tiger escapes. Held with a heel hook at 4:30 and Tiger is busted open, seemingly from a Held elbow. 10-9 Held. Great ground battle.

Tiger lands a hard body kick early and Held goes right for the takedown. Held gets it at 1:15. Held opens the cut up again with some elbows from the top. Held into full mount at 2:15. Tiger back to half guard quickly. Held back to mount. Held working for a triangle and gives up position in the process. Tiger on top at 4:15 and right to his feet but Held takes him right back down again. Tiger grabs his neck for a choke but it's not tight at all. Held breaks the choke right before the round ends. Another 10-9 Held

Held with a clinch on the cage right and can't get the takedown. He drops to the ground but Tiger is having none of it. Ground strikes are 28-4 for Held. Held pulls guard at 1:00 and going for a kneebar and he gets a verbal submission with a scream from Tiger.

WINNER: MARCIN HELD (21-3) by verbal submission at 1:11 of round 3

After the verbal submission, ironically we get a shot of Joe Warren at cageside. You'll recall him verbally submitting to lose his title two weeks ago and then claiming he didn't. Held got a post match promo and wants a title shot and he thinks it'll be easy for him to win the title. 

Jimmy Smith interviewers Anthony Dirrell, an undefeated fighter looking to defend his title. Looks to be via Skype. Promos aren't this guy's strong suit but the highlights shown make it looks like he's a pretty good fighter. He's got 22 knockouts in 28 fights. If they said this guy's weight class, I missed it. I'm not a huge boxing fan and this didn't really do anything to make me want to see this fight or card.

Middleweights Joe Schilling (2-3) vs. Rafael Carvalho (10-1)

This one can't last long. Carvalho has finished every one of his wins and Schilling is a kickboxer with no defence. 

Mike Beltran and his awesome moustache are back for this one. They keep their distance for the first minute. Schilling lands a couple shots and backs him up to the cage. Schilling hits a low blow to cause a break. They're back quickly. Carvalho catches a kick and pushes Schilling back to the cage. Beltran is giving instructions in both English and Portugese, which is nice for Carvalho. Carvalho gets a takedown at 3:30 but Schilling sweeps and ends up on top. Schilling stands up on backs off, forcing a stand up. Wild exchange with both guys landing at 4:15. Carvalho back to the clinch. Rounds ends and Schilling shoots Carvalho a glare. 10-9 Schilling

Emanuel Newton, former champ, is in the house. Schilling channelling Nick Diaz with some taunting at the start of the round with his hands down. Carvalho clinches first chance he gets. Schilling with a takedown but Carvalho right back up and then he takes Schilling down and goes right into side control. All 3 of Schilling's losses have been by submission. Carvalho with a Kimura attempt at 3:00. Schilling looks absolutely lost on his back. Carvallho's loses hold of the Kimura though. Schilling to his feet at 4:00. Carvalho continuing to hold him on the cage though. Rounds ends with both guys hugging on the cage. 10-9 Carvalho

Both guys trading punches in the centre to start the round. Schilling staggers Carvalho with a hard shot but he recovers quickly. They're in a clinch on the cage and Schilling landing foot stomps. Carvalho manages a takedown at 1:45. Schilling going for a footlock but he doesn't have correct position. He had him and didn't even know it but Carvalho gets out and ends up on top. Schilling gives up his back at 3:15 and Carvalho with a rear naked choke but can't secure it. Schilling rolls out but can't get to his feet and Carvalho right back into his guard. Carvalho landing knees from the top in the last 15 seconds. Not at all how I expected this fight to go. Carvalho likely took the third round and the fight 29-28.

WINNER: RAFAEL CARVALHO (11-1) SD 28-29, 30-27 and 29-28 

Jimmy interviews Kendall Grove and Middleweight Champion Brandon Halsey in the arena to hype up their fight on May 15th for the title. Halsey wants them to give Tito a belt so he can take it from him. 

Main Event:
Bellator Lightweight Champion Will Brooks (15-1) vs. Dave Jansen (21-2)

Both of these guys are on long winning streaks. Jansen hasn't lost in 5 years and in his career has only lost to Ricardo Lamas and Kamal Shalrous, in WEC. Jansen just completely disregarding Brooks in the video package that precedes the fight. He promises to wear his red sunglasses to the cage. Brooks is tired of his talking and just wants to fight. No entrances for the main event as they're running pretty long.

John McCarthy is the 3rd man in the cage for this one. Brooks goes to touch gloves and Jansen instead kicks him in the gut. Jansen mainly throwing kicks while Brooks it mixing it up. Jansen with a Thai Plumb clinch and lands a couple knees at 1:30. Several knees drop Brooks but he recovers quickly and breaks free. Jansen controlling the action and backs Brooks up into the cage at 3:00. Jansen landing more knees from the clinch. Brooks landing some knees of his own. Brooks breaks free and starting to control things at 4:00. Jansen throwing hard kicks and punches but missing a lot of them. 10-9 Jansen

Brooks eats a lowblow early in Round 1. Jansen threw 99 strikes in Round 1 but only landed 42 to 38 for Brooks. Jansen goes to a clinch on the cage after the restart. Brooks punches his way out of it. Wild exchange at 1:45. Kicks were 26-18 in round 1 for Jansen. Jansen back to a clinch and landing hammerfists to the knee of Brooks. Brooks breaks away nails a hard knee on Jansen. Brooks with the better of the standup in the last half of the round. Very close round, probably 10-9 Brooks

Brooks hits a spinning back kick early in Round 3. Jansen right back to the clinch. Brooks reverses and gets position. Jansen going for a standing guillotine at 1:30 but lets it go and they separate. Brooks controlling the past now. Brooks outstruck Jansen 50-33 in Round 2. Brooks with a takedown at 2:00. Jansen to his feet quickly. Jansen is cut and swelling under his right eye. Brooks seems to finding his range much better now. McCarthy breaks it up due to an eye poke that no one but him saw. Replay shows it though so good job. Jansen got a chance to recover there and came out firing. Jansen stalking him in the last 15 seconds but not enough to take the round. 10-9 Brooks

Brooks runs across the cage to meet Jansen to start the round. Jansen with an early takedown attempt but defended well by Brooks. Jansen in control of a clinch and landing foot stomps at 1:30. McCarthy breaks it up and separates them. Brooks comes out firing and Jansen goes for another takedown and stuffed again. Brooks initiates a clinch on the cage at 2:00. Brooks breaks out and rocks Jansen with a punch at 3:00. Brooks backs him into the cage with punches and really starting to pour it on now. Blood just pouring from the face of Jansen now. Jansen still throwing but the strikes have nothing behind them as he's just gassed. Another clinch at 4:30 and Brooks landing punches. Separation and Jansen lands a punch/kick combo but is met with a hard punch from Brooks. 10-9 Brooks

Brooks has landed an incredible 74% of strikes through 4 rounds. Clinch on the cage early and Jansen landing shots to the body. Brooks controlling the clinch at 1:45. Brooks lands some shoulder strikes before McCarthy calls for a break. Brooks peppering him punches and Jansen shoots but gives up quickly and they're back to a clinch again. Not much happening and the ref breaks it up again at 3:30. Brooks right back to a clinch after the break. Jansen gets away at 4:15 but Brooks pushes him right back into the cage and lands shoulder strikes from the clinch. Separated at 4:30. Jansen lands a Superman punch but Brooks answers with a takedown at 4:45. 10-9 Brooks, should be 49-46 overall for a successful title defence. 

WINNER: WILL BROOKS (16-1) UD 49-46 x 3

Brooks put over Jansen after the fight saying that the next guy that fights him is in for a tough fight. He chalks all the pre-fight talk up to emotions. Says Jansen is tough as hell and took everything he had. 

Thanks for joining us tonight! Now get some sleep. UFC starts in 11 hours.