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Bellator starts early as "Pitbull" brothers fight Will Brooks in a hotel

Will Brooks' blood t-shirt after the alleged fight

Friday's Bellator show started a couple of days early apparently as Bellator fighter and current Lightweight champion Will Brooks, was beaten up in a hotel by fellow Bellator fighters, Patricky and Patricio Freire, also known as the "Pitbull" brothers.  

According to Will Brooks, “I was looking out this glass window, and out of nowhere, Patricky jumps on my shoulder, and he’s like in my face, mumbling something,” Brooks told MMAjunkie. “So first reaction, I’m trying to create separation. He pushed me, and then his brother jumped on my shoulder and started punching me all while I’m trying to defend myself, and all of their people are holding me back while these guys are punching me. And I’m defenseless by myself with them and all their translators. It’s all on video.”  The video has not come out and it is unclear who filmed it, but Bellator and Missouri athletic commission officials are looking into the incident.  Brooks took a photo of his bloody shirt after the incident and posted it on twitter, which has since been deleted.  

At this time it is unclear what prompted the scuffle, but according to Brooks, he was on the phone with his mother at the time.  “These guys jumped me like cowards,” Brooks told MMAjunkie shortly after the alleged incident. “These guys are going to get what they deserve. They’re cowards.”  The Freire brothers and Brooks have had an ongoing feud for sometime, but nothing involving a phyiscal confrontation.  Brooks said that he suffered a bloody nose, but otherwise is fine.  “They had a real opportunity to beat my ass, and they still couldn’t do anything,” Brooks said. “But I’m just pissed off. I’ve never jumped anybody or needed anyone to fight my battles. Only cowards pick up weapons or use other people to fight their battles against one person.”

Brooks is still scheduled to face Marcin Held on Friday November 6th for his Brooks' Lightweigtht title and Patricio Freire, who is the Bellator featherweight champion is scheduled to fight Daneil Staus in the main event this Friday night night.

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