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Invicta FC 14 live results: Tonya Evinger vs Pannie Kianzid

By Paul Fontaine, for

Welcome to our live coverage of Invicta FC 14 on UFC Fight Pass, from Kansas City, MO. The ten fight card is headlined by Bantamweight Champion Tonya Evinger facing Pannie Kianzad in a non-title fight after Kianzad missed weight. The show also features former UFC Fighter Roxeanne Modafferi and unbeaten Strawweight prospect DeAnna Bennett. Coverage of the 10 fight cards begins at 8 pm eastern.

Lightweights Rach Wiley (0-0) vs Felicia Spencer (0-0)

Spencer was out to "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. In the heaviest weight division in Women's MMA. I thought the Undertaker was coming out next  but it was Wiley, to "Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash. Maybe she's in James Storm's Revolution. Is that still a thing?

Joe Martinez is the ring announcer and we've got fights! Mike Englund and his "God Bless You" to the fighters is the ref. Spencer got an early takedown and laid in some brutal ground and pound, creating a huge hemotoma on Wiley. She was just relentless with punches and elbows, basically little sistering her from side control. Wiley had nothing from the bottom and the ref finally stepped in to stop  it with just over a minute left.


Flyweights Aspen Ladd (1-0) vs Amanda Bobby Cooper (1-0)

Cooper out to "Takin' Care of Business" by BTO. They definitely have UFC beat in terms of walkout music. Don't recognize Ladd's music, sounds like Ravii Shankar or something. Ladd looks really nervous. Martinez introduces the ref as Juan Grande (Big John McCarthy).

Ladd got a takedown 3 minutes in after a back and forth clinch battle for the first part of the round. Cooper went for an armbar from the bottom with a minute left but Ladd escaped. Cooper had a couple sweep attempts but Ladd maintained control and got in some ground and pound to probably take the round. 10-9 Ladd

Ladd with an early takedown and got into side control 1:00 in. Ladd working for a key lock but doesn't quite have the right angle. She gave it up after a minute and took Cooper's back. Ladd with full back mount 3:00 in and working for a rear naked choke. Gives up the choke but keeps landing punches from behind. She got the choke in again at 4:00 after cranking the neck several times and using punches to set it up. Cooper escaped but Ladd ended up in full mount, laying in vicious ground and pound and opening up a cut. Cooper turtled and Ladd with an armbar attempt for the tapout win.

WINNER: ASPEN LADD (2-0) by submission

Strawweights JJ Aldrich (1-1) vs Rosa Acevedo (3-1)

Acevedo with some current music for her walkout "Someone to Lean On" by Major Lazer and DJ Snake. She missed weight so this is officially a catchweight bout. Aldrich out to "Number One" by Nelly. Acevedo is wearing a catsuit, but very different from the one you saw at the G1 Climax. Personally, I enjoyed the NJPW version but each to his own.

Mike Englund is the ref but no blessings from God this time. According to TJ, Acevedo once weighed 215 lbs. Even though she missed weight, Acevedo looks to giving up a lot of size here. Aldrich dominated her right from the get-go with the finishing blow being a knee to the midsection and then she finished off with some ground and pound when Acevedo went down. 


Atomweights Jinh Yu Frey (3-1) vs Liz McCarthy (2-2)

Don't recognize McCarthy's walkout music. Some good female hard rock song. Frey's song is a mystery to me as well, generic hip-hop. Love the pace of these shows, as one hour in, we're already on our fourth fight. These ladies do get a God Bless You from Englund. I think he's showing some favoritism or something (not really).

Gotta say that although it sucks for the fighters, I much prefer the UFC uniforms to the ad-filled unis on the other shows, as we have here. Frey gets a takedown 1:30 in and briefly gets side control but McCarthy works back to her feet. McCarthy was cut on the nose during the ground exchange. Both ladies landed some nice shots standing. Frey with a nice punch combo in the last 30 seconds to cinch the round. 10-9 Frey

Frey with a takedown 1:45 in. McCarthy up quickly. Standup again is very even. Frey with a nice punch combo that rocks McCarthy at 3:45. Much closer round, probably 10-9 Frey for the takedown.

Very even to start again. McCarthy gets the first sustained advantage about halfway through, backing up Frey to the cage with a punch combo. Frey does land a hard punch to escape the cage clinch. McCarthy controlling the pace and in a close round, that could take it for her. McCarthy rocked Frey with a kick to the body and Frey tried for a takedown but couldn't get it. Clinch on the cage but Frey escaped with a hard elbow to the head. 10-9 McCarthy so probably Frey's fight but all depends how they scored round 2. 

WINNER - JINH YU FREY (4-1) by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

Strawweights Jamie Moyle (3-0) vs Sharon Jacobson (3-1)

Jacobson is a Sargent in the U.S. Army fighting for the 2nd time in Invicta. Don't recognize her walkout tune. Another rap song. Moyle is a product of Syndicate MMA. Her song is some sort of disco remix. Not a bad tune. These ladies get a "God Bless You" as well. Starting to think I might've just missed it the one time.

Jacobson with a wrestling background doing a lot of clinching and going for takedowns but Moyle defending well early on. Moyle rocked Jacobson with a kick 2:15 in. Jacobson with a nice punch combo at 4:00, backing up Moyle to the cage. Jacobson starting to find her range in the last minute, doing a lot of damage. 10-9 Jacobson

Jacobson finally got her takedown 1:15 in but stood up right away. Moyle stayed on her back for a bit but then followed her up. Jacobson landed a nice spinning elbow but Moyle followed up with a hard right that rocked Jacobson. Moyle starting to swarm at 2:15 and Jacobson recovered. Jacobson definitely slowed down by that exchange though. Jacobson with a nice punch combo at 3:15 that backs up Moyle. Both ladies firing punches at 3:30. Jacobson landing a lot of  body punches from the clinch. Jacobson got a flash takedown at 4:30. Moyle bleeding from the nose as the round ends. 10-9 Jacobson

Moyle is all cut up and bruised in the face as she comes out for Round 3. Moyle rocked Jacobson with a body kick at 1:00. Jacobson with a takedown and dropped Moyle on her head right after that. Jacobson again stood up right away and Moyle followed. Jacobson landed a hard elbow to the face 2:00 in. Jacobson with another takedown at 2:45 and follows up with ground and pound this time. Moyle stood up at 3:15 and Moyle followed. Jacobson with a flurry of punches to the body at 3:45 and follows up with a nice combo of punches to the head. Moyle lands a couple hard knees to the body at 4:15. 10-9 Jacobson

WINNER - SHARON JACOBSON (4-1) by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x 2)

Miesha Tate was interviewed backstage. She didn't have much to say. Was asked about Amanda Nunes and she said that nothing's been signed as of yet. 

Featherweights Cindy Dandois (5-2) vs Megan Anderson (4-1)

These ladies are competing for the "right" to be the next sacrificial lamb for Cris Cyborg , it would seem. Anderson is an Australian making her Invicta debut. Walkout song is Revolution by Diplo, some dubstep for the KC folks. Dandois' choice is Let it Go from the Frozen soundtrack. She looks a lot like Brigitte Nielson from Rocky 4. She's returning to Featherweight after losing to Tonya Evinger at 135 in her last fight.

Big John is the ref for this one. Professional commentator Julie Kedzie was still humming "Let it Go" when the match was starting. Dandois gets an early takedown. Dandois into mount at 1:30. Anderson gave up her back and Dandois went for an armbar at 2:30. Anderson escaped and ended up in top position. Dandois with a triangle from the bottom though. Dandois swept to mount and gave up the triangle but laying in ground and pound at 3:30. Anderson used the cage to escape and got to her feet. Anderson with a takedown but stood right back up and got separation. 10-9 Dandois, almost a 10-8

Anderson advancing and get  the first damage 1:00 in with a body punch. Anderson with a takedown at 1:15, might've even been Dandois pulling guard. Dandois with a triangle from the bottom. Anderson landing body punches while in the triangle and works it to the cage after starting in the middle. Anderson finally tapped at 2:30

WINNER - CINDY DANDOIS (6-2) by submission

Flyweights Rachael Ostovich (2-1) vs Andrea Lee (2-1)

Ostovich out to the Rocky Theme, while wearing a Wonder Woman uniform. Don't recognize Lee's music, sounds like AC/DC. Big John gets the dukes once again.

Lee controlling things for the first couple minutes. Ostovich does get a Superwoman punch in, getting Mauro Ranallo a shout-out after he coined the phrase on one of the earlier shows. Lee knocked her down with punches and took her back with a choke but Ostovich fought out and to her feet at 3:30. Ostovich nailed a nice spinning backfist at 4:30. Lee rocked her with a body kick that crumpled her to the mat and finished the round with ground and pound. Lee with a choke right as the round was ending. 10-8 Lee

Ostovich with a nice spinning backfist 45 seconds in. Doesn't follow up though. Lee looking very crisp on the standup, completely controlling the cage. Nice punch combo at 2:15 from Lee. Ostovich lands another spinning backfist. Lee with a knockdown at 3:00 and follows her to the ground, taking Ostovich's back. Lee landing punches from behind. Lee also landing hard knees to the legs and butt. Ostovich to her feet and eats a hard knee to the gut. Lee all over her in the last minute. Lee lands a high kick to the head and gets another takedown at 4:45. Lee finishes the round with ground and pound. Another 10-8

Ostovich gets a takedown after catching a kick 30 seconds in. Lee to her feet quickly. Ostovich was cut on the right side of her head by the kick though and she's bleeding hard. Lee landing hard knees to the body and head and Ostovich down. Ostovich briefly to her feet but right down again. Somehow Ostovich ended up on top though. Lee easily to her feet though. Ostovich is bleeding all over the place and stays on her back and Lee goes into her guard. Lee landing hard elbows to the body and has Ostovich folded up so she can't defend. Lee with full back mount 3:00 in. Lee continuing to land punches from behind. Lee with a hard and arm choke but gives it up quickly. Ostovich to her feet right before the round ends but brought back down again by Lee. 10-9 Lee
Lee actually verbally submitted with one second left.

WINNER - ANDREA LEE (3-1) by submission

Flyweights Roxanne Modafferi (17-12) vs Mariana Morais (9-2)

Morais is making her Invicta and US debut after fighting her whole career in South America. Don't recognize her walk-out song but it sounds like it could be Brazilian. Modafferi is, of course, the reason we're all watching. Don't recognize her song either but it's an upbeat dance song and she comes out all excited waving her hands in the air. She's another Syndicate MMA fighter. Big John is the ref once again.

Morais is just 19 years old. If you add up Modafferi and Evinger's fights, I think they've got more combined fights than everyone else on the card put together. Modafferi gets a takedown 1:00 in and quickly into full mount. Modafferi landing punches and elbows from the top but Morais manages to work her to half-guard. Modafferi into side control at 2:30. Morais got her back to half-guard but Modafferi completely in control and Morais doing nothing from the bottom. Modafferi with elbows to the body but Morais sweeps to top position at 4:45. Modafferi trying for a guillotine from the bottom right before the round ends. 10-9 Modafferi

Nice punch exchange early with both ladies landing a lot of shots. Modafferi landing a lot of leg kick/punch combinations but not doing much damage. Modafferi with a judo throw takedown and into quarter mount right away. Modafferi landing a lot of punches to the face, which allows her to take full mount. Modafferi mixing in elbows with the punches. Morais blocking a lot of them and the ones that are landing aren't doing a lot of damage but they are piling up. Morais gives up her back at 4:00 and Modafferi continuing with the punches. Modafferi landing a ton of elbows to the head and flips Morais back into full mount. Bell saves Morais, 10-8 Modafferi

Morais with a guillotine 30 seconds in and pulled guard. Modafferi pops out 1:00 in and in top position. Modafferi into side control at 3:15. Modafferi landing some punches from the top but not nearly as active as the first two rounds. Modafferi into full mount at 4:00 and landing a ton of punches and elbows. Morais turtling and Big John very close to stopping it. He finally did with 20 seconds left. Great performance from Modafferi, maybe the best I've ever seen her.


Our very own Filthy Tom Lawlor was there to congratulate Roxy afterward. She put over her fans for dressing up like Mortal Kombat characters and said how badly she wanted to finish her opponent. She also challenged Barb Honchak for a title shot and they'd be fools not to give it to her.

Strawweights Katja Kankaanpaa (10-2-1) vs DeAnna Bennett (7-0)

Bennett missed weight as well. Miesha Tate joined the commentary team after cornering Cindy Dandois to a win earlier. She put over Roxy's win and also mentioned that Bennett has a win over UFC Bantamweight contender Julianna Pena. Don't recognize either of the walkout songs. Kankaanpaa (who will herefore be known as KK in this report) has ditched the bunny ears that she wore for previous fights, which sadly is not pointed out by the commentators. 

Mike Englund passes on God's blessings to start the fight. Bennett far bigger but has trouble making the 115 lb weight limit. She's probably too small for 135 so it'll be tough for her to make a move to UFC. First half of the round is back and forth with neither lady doing much damage. Bennett with an arm-in guillotine at 4:00 and brings it to the ground but KK quickly out. KK trying to take Bennett's back but Bennett to her feet and KK follows. KK trying for a Kimura roll with 15 seconds left. Close round but probably 10-9 Bennett

Both ladies tried for early takedowns but unsuccessful. KK with a takedown 2:00 in but Bennett with a guillotine attempt from the bottom. Gives it up but gets to her feet at 2:30. Bennett with a takedown at 3:15 and KK trying for a guillotine but gives it up quickly. KK with a sweep but Bennett trying for an armbar. KK escapes and ends up on top. Bennett to her feet at 4:00 but KK takes her down again. KK working for a Kimura but Bennett to her feet. Bennett with a standing guillotine at 4:30 and pulls guard. It's tight but not much time left. KK punching the body as the round ends. Very close but 10-9 Bennett I think

Bennett pulls guard early trying for a guillotine but KK escapes and in top position. Both ladies to their feet but KK in control and brings her down. KK with a head and arm choke from the top at 1:15. Bennett gives up her back but KK swings her back around. Bennett escapes the choke but KK with a body triangle. KK into top position but in Bennett's guard. KK into side control at 2:45. Tate, in talking about KK, says she's probably down in the scorecards but we'll see how this round goes. If she's down in the scorecards, she needs a finish to win, Miesha. Bennett landing elbows to the body from the bottom but KK fully in control. Bennett works her back to half-guard and tries to get to her feet but KK takes her back and going for a head and arm choke again. She gives it up right before the end of the fight. 10-9 KK but Bennett wins on my scorecard. Could easily be KK's though as the first two were close. Would be interested to see this under the Velten scoring system because I think KK won the fight overall but under the scoring system, I have Bennett winning.

WINNER - DEANNA BENNETT (8-0) by unanimous decision on scores of 29-28 x 3

All the commentators going off about the judging but with this scoring system, Bennett won the fight. This was not bad judging but a bad scoring system. 

Main Event: Tonya Evinger (16-6) vs Pannie Kianzad (8-0) 

Kianzad out to 99 Problems by Hugo. Very different from the Jay-Z version but cool. Evinger with "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, as always. Lots of people on twitter complaining about that last decision but that was definitely the scoring system, not the judging, to blame there. Kianzad missed weight so this is a 3 round non-title fight. 

Big John gets the main event reffing duties here. Tate is still on commentary. Maybe she'll challenge Evinger for a title shot after the fight. Evinger with a takedown 1:00 in. Kianzad to her feet quickly. Kianzad working for a takedown but Evinger uses the momentum to end up on top and quickly into side control, landing hard elbows to the head and body. Kianzad gives up her back and Evinger with a choke at 2:45. Kianzad bleeding from the nose and the choke is in tight. Kianzad escapes but in a lot of trouble.  Kianzad having problems because of the half-shirt she's wearing obscuring her vision. She does work to top position but Evinger working for an armbar from the bottom. Evinger landing hard elbows to the body as the round ends. 10-8 Evinger

Evinger dropped Kianzad with a knee to the body right away. Evinger to the ground and tried to take her back. Kianzad briefly into top position but Evinger quickly takes it. Kianzad bleeding from the nose again. Evinger all over her back, hitting her with punches to the body and head. Kianzad works her to half guard at 2:30 but still taking a lot of damage. Evinger with back mount and working for a head and arm choke at 3:00. Evinger pouring in the punches from behind. Kianzad flips her around to the top but Evinger not letting up and Big John stops it.


 Miesha Tate called for a catchweight fight under the Invicta banner between Evinger and Cyborg. I like Tonya's chances better than Dandois'. Overall a fun night of fights after a lacklustre show in Vegas. Thanks for joining me tonight!