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#PunkWeek: CM Punk talks his weight cut, the WWE locker room, and much more


Before entering the Octagon for his first ever mixed martial arts bout against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 on Saturday, CM Punk met with his friend Ariel Helwani for this year’s edition of their annual sit-down interview.

Of note, Punk seemed to be having a difficult time dealing with having to cut weight for the fight. Helwani asked Punk how much he currently weighed, but Punk wouldn’t reveal the answer.

“When does this come out?” Punk asked. “It’s a thing I gotta do, it’s not going so well I guess.”

Punk said the process wasn’t fun, and he's never done a weight cut before. Punk noted that he hadn’t done a practice weight cut for the fight and hasn’t been working with a nutritionist. Punk claimed that the last time he weighed 171 lbs was in high school or eighth grade, but he wasn’t worried about making weight for the fight.

In addition, Punk’s former career in professional wrestling was often a point of discussion during the interview. Punk said that it was “poetic” that he would be fighting at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, the same place where he walked out of WWE.

Punl noted that the arena was the same place where Bob Holly had punched him in the eye as hard as he could during Punk's first Christmas house show loop with the company, but Punk said that he loved Holly, and that the business needed more guys like him right now.

When asked by Helwani to clarify the comment, Punk responded, “There’s nobody in that locker room that…like to me there’s nobody in that locker room that’s, in a good way, an enforcer.”

Helwani asked Punk to reveal what his walkout song would be, but Punk said that he still hasn’t made his final decision. Punk said that there are three songs that he’s considering, and “Cult of Personality” is still on the table as an option.

After alleging that Vince McMahon was bankrolling a lawsuit against him in an interview on AXS TV's Inside MMA, Punk again touched on the subject during his interview with Helwani.

Punk said he wanted to move on in regards to his old life, but there were people who wanted to keep sucking him back in. Helwani asked if he was referring to fans, but Punk said he was referencing the lawsuit.

“I just mean the silly, the silly bankrolled lawsuit,” Punk said. “It’s designed to get me to spend money, that’s what it’s doing.”

The full almost 40-minute long conversation is available to watch below: