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Bellator 277 results: McKee vs. Pitbull for the Featherweight World title

The Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix final also took place.

Dave Meltzer's live report from Bellator 277 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California --

Linton Vassell (22-8) vs. Tim Johnson (15-8), heavyweights --

First round: Vassell landing knees to the body as Johnson tried to bull him into he fence. Johnson pushed him into the fence and throwing some punches. Johnson continues to hold him against the fence and throw punches. Johnson landed punches and got Vassell down and throwing punches. Vassell stumbled when he got up. Johnson got back on and landing more punches. Vassell reversed and now he's on top throwing elbows. Vassell is throwing more punches from the top and it was stopped. 

Result: Linton Vassell defeated Tim Johnson by TKO at 4:21 of R1.

Aaron Pico (9-3) vs. Adli Edwards (9-1) 150 pound catch weight --

First round: Pico got a big reaction. Pico took him right down. Edwards got up. Pico tagged him with punches and took him down. Pico landed good punches on the ground. Fans are chanting for Pico. Pico let him up and took him down again. Pico landing elbows on the ground. Pico let him up again. Head kick by Pico. Pico put Edwards down. . Pico landing body punches. Pico with another takedown. Pico got his fifth takedown. 10-9 Pico

Second round: Edwards missed a kick and went down. Pico with a big left. Pico with another takedown. Pico with punches on the ground. Pico landing body and head punches. Pico landed more punches and took Edwards down again. Pico landing elbows from the top. Pico landed punches and got another takedown. Pico 20-18

Third round: Pico with good punches. Pico with low kicks. Pico with a hard right and body punches put Edwards down and after more punches on the ground it was stopped.

Result: Aaron Pico defeated Adli Edwards by TKO at :55 of R3.

Vadim Nemkov (15-2) vs. Corey Anderson (16-5) Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix finals --

First round: Nemkov with a low kick. Anderson landed punches. Nemkov back with punches but mostly landed short. Anderson tried for a takedown but didn't get it. Hard elbow by Nemkov. Low kick by Nemkov. Nemkov failed on a takedown attempt. Anderson tried a takedown late and didn't get it. Very close round. 10-9 Nemkov

Second round: Anderson landed a few punches and is working for a takedown. Anderson took him down. Andersen kept top position. Nemkov got back up with 40 seconds left. Anderson's round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Anderson landed a hard right. Anderson got another takedown. Nemkov tried for a guillotine as Anderson shot. Anderson got out and his back. The place went nuts for that. Anderson working for a choke. Nemkov was never in trouble. Anderson with punches on the ground and a hard elbow. The two bonked heads on the ground and Nemkov had a bad cut near his right eye. Ref Frank Trigg stopped the fight. Because it hadn't gone three rounds, it was ruled a no contest. If the fight had gone three more seconds before the stoppage, Anderson would be champion because it would go to the cards and Anderson clearly won rounds two and three. Nemkov retained the title. They will have to do a rematch for the $1 million and Grand Prix finals. Anderson was clearly winning the fight and left screaming, "I'm the f***ing champ." 

Result: No Contest at 4:57 of R3.

A.J. McKee (18-0) vs. Patricio Pitbull Freire (32-5) for the Bellator Featherweight World  title --

First round: Both tentative early. Fans were booing early. Little happened in the round. Pitbull with low kicks and landed a good right. More low kicks and punches by Pitbull. 10-9 Pitbull

Second round: Fans booing again due to the lack of action. Body kick by Pitbull. Low kick by McKee. Pitbull with some punches. McKee wanted Pitbull on the ground but Pitbull stayed standing. McKee started fighting at Th's point. Pitbull with low kicks. McKee threw punches but Pitbull rocked him. Pitbull with more punches. McKee started throwing more but Pitbull beating him to the punch, 20-18 Pitbull

Third round: Pitbull hurt him with a punch and McKee took him down. Pitbull got back up. McKee took him down again and Pitbull with a tight guillotine and it looked like McKee was done. He hung on and finally escaped. That was great. Pitbull got his back and worked for a choke. 30-27 Pitbull

Fourth round: McKee with a body kick. McKee landing punches. Pitbull back with some punches, Head kick by Pitbull, Pitbull coming on late in the round. McKee shot for a takedown but didn't' get it. This round was close, could go either way 40-36 Pitbull

Fifth round: McKee shot for a takedown. and got it. McKee got a second takedown and got his back. McKee landed a few punches. McKee landing more punches. McKee landing more. Pitbull landed some good shots back. McKee landed well late in the round. This was McKee's round. I've got it 49-46 Pitbull.

Result: Patricio Pitbull defeated AJ McKee by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47) to win the championship