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Alex Coughlin off NJPW Burning Spirit tour due to injury

Coughlin will be replaced by The DKC on the tour.

Alex Coughlin has been removed from NJPW's Burning Spirit tour. 

The 28-year-old had been advertised for the tour but later took to social media to say he's still not ready to return to the ring. 

"Sorry if anyone got excited but there was some sort of miscommunication, I won’t be ready to return to the ring for a little while longer- Recovery is going well though, I’m doing everything I can I WILL be back though, and I will be stronger than ever… eventually," Coughlin posted to Twitter on Monday.  

Coughlin missed the final 3 shows of the New Japan Road tour in July and did not appear on the G1 Climax 32 tour either due to a left calf muscle injury. His last match was on the preshow for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door on June 26. 

NJPW announced on Wednesday that Coughlin will be replaced by The DKC on the Burning Spirit Tour, which runs from September 2 to 25. 

"Alex Coughlin, who was announced this week for the Burning Spirit tour starting September 2 in Yokohama, will miss action due to a left leg injury," an NJPW report reads