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Jeff Cobb off NJPW Tamashii events due to personal reasons


Jeff Cobb is off the NJPW Tamashii events scheduled for this weekend.

NJPW announced Wednesday morning that Cobb, scheduled for shows in Christchurch, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia is now off those shows due to personal reasons.

As a result, the cards for these shows have been changed. Updated lineups for both shows are as follows:

November 11 - Christchurch, New Zealand:

  • Taiji Ishimori vs. Aaron Solo
  • KENTA vs. Andrew Villalobos
  • Richard Mulu vs. Michael Richards
  • Tome Filip and Stevie Filip vs. Rowan Davis and Nikolai Anton Bell
  • Bad Luck Fale and Jack Bonza vs. Tony Kozina and Jake Taylor
  • Mart Tui and Chris Miles vs. Jordan Allan-Wright and Shep Alexander

November 12 - Sydney, Australia:

  • Taiji Ishimori vs. Mick Moretti
  • Michael Richards and Andrew Villalobos vs. Caveman Ugg and Ricky South
  • Aaron Solo vs. Lyrebird Luchi
  • Bad Luck Fale, Jack Bonza, and KENTA vs. Mat Rogers, Jude London, and Paris De Silva
  • Robbie Eagles vs. Carter Deems
  • Unsocial Jordan and Aaron Jake vs. Richard Mulu and Jake Taylor
  • Mat Diamond vs. Jordan Allan-Wright

NJPW announced the launch of the Tamashii brand back in September. It will feature talent from the Australasia scene as well as talent from NJPW and their dojos in New Zealand and LA.