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KUSHIDA comments on returning to NJPW’s junior heavyweight division

KUSHIDA made his return to NJPW on June 21.

KUSHIDA is back in NJPW and says he will "look to bring excitement to New Japan, New Japan’s Junior division, and NJPW LA Dojo." 

The six-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion took to Instagram recently and commented on his return to the promotion. 

"Today, I signed with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I will return to New Japan Pro Wrestling," Kushida began his post. 
"I am so honored to be back and to wrestle on the New Japan Pro Wrestling ring. Some people say I want to wrestle in heavy weight division or I want to be in Bullet Club, these are all fake news."

KUSHIDA continued to say that he is in the process of moving from Florida to Los Angeles, where he will be based out of moving forward. 

"Right now, I am still living in Florida. I am trying to move to Los Angels but still im midst of moving.

I will return to US this week and look start new life in Los Angels next week…I hope.
Sign an apartment? Can I speak english? So much troubles and busy everyday but will try and update my Instagram as much as possible.

To live in Los Angels and to wrestle has been my dream for a log term. I will look to accompolish this dream, hopefully.
I will look to bring excitement to New Japan, New Japan’s Junior division, and NJPW LA Dojo.

Thank you to those who supported me on my journey and thank you all for your support.


June 22nd, 2022"

KUSHIDA's first match back in NJPW has been announced for July 3.