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Naito challenges Ibushi for first night of NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15


Tetsuya Naito has said he will face Kota Ibushi on January 4 and Jay White on January 5, defending both of his titles on both nights of Wrestle Kingdom 15.

In a translated interview that took place during a Wrestle Kingdom 15 press conference Sunday morning, Naito said that he would wrestle Jay White on January 5. However, he will also wrestle an opponent of his choosing on 1/4, Ibushi. Naito explained that since Ibushi had won the G1 Climax tournament, he deserved a championship match. He mentioned that Ibushi had won the G1 Climax back to back, something he did not do, and Naito wanted revenge.

He told NJPW to consider his idea, even suggesting the idea that he may boycott both nights of Wrestle Kingdom if he didn’t get the matches.

Ibushi lost the briefcase to Jay White during Saturday morning’s Power Struggle event. White later came out after Naito had successfully defended the title against EVIL and said he would face Naito on 1/5. Kota Ibushi came out, which then caused White to back away.