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NJPW president addresses potential 'Forbidden Door' follow-up event in Japan

Takami Ohbari says a show in Japan would be the next step if "the demand is there"

NJPW president Takami Ohbari has expressed interest in potentially bringing a Forbidden Door follow-up event to Japan. 

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Ohbari stated that a show featuring AEW and NJPW wrestlers hosted in Japan could be the "next step" following the June 26 pay-per-view from Chicago. 

“If Japanese fans are invested in this event and the demand is there, then there will absolutely be the impetus for us to take the next step of holding an event in Japan,” he said. 

Ohbari wouldn't speculate on what comes next for the relationship between his company and AEW after Forbidden Door, however. 

“NJPW and AEW will open the ‘Forbidden Door’ together this June, but what lies on the other side is something we will all have to wait to find out,” Ohbari continued. “One guarantee: I always say that NJPW’s wrestlers carry the pride and the fight of wild lions. Whomever they fight against, or whomever they even team with, they will carry a fighting spirit that is unmatched and unbeatable.”