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NJPW reveals four more Super J-Cup entrants


NJPW has revealed the next four entrants for the Super J-Cup.

NJPW's Rocky Romero, NJPW Los Angeles dojo Young Lion Clark Connors, ROH's Jonathan Gresham, and CMLL's Soberano Jr. will be taking part in the Super J-Cup. There are three entrants left to be announced for the tournament.

TJP, Dragon Lee, SHO, Caristico, Ryusuke Taguchi, Taiji Ishimori, YOH, BUSHI, and Amazing Red are the other entrants that have been confirmed for the tournament thus far.

Jushin Thunder Liger is the producer of the Super J-Cup and will be wrestling in non-tournament action on all three nights.

The Super J-Cup will begin at the Temple Theater in Tacoma, Washington on Thursday, August 22. The second night is taking place at the San Francisco State University Student Life Event Center in San Francisco, California on Saturday, August 24. The tournament will then conclude at Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California on Sunday, August 25.