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Poll to determine alcohol choice for final NJPW KOPW 2021 match


Twitter polls will determine which alcoholic beverage will be used in the Year End Party KOPW 2021 match to be held at NJPW's Road to Tokyo Dome event on December 24. 

Toru Yano will defend the provisional KOPW 2021 trophy against Yoshinobu Kanemaru on the show. Year End Party rules are explained as a normal match, but wrestlers will be forced to drink alcohol at two minute intervals. The referee will then administer a 20 count. Should either competitor not be able to respond to the 20 count, they will lose, but pinfall, submission and disqualification rules still apply. 

Polls on the @njpwglobal and @NJPW1972 Twitter accounts will decide whether Kanemaru's beverage choice or Yano's will be the alcohol served during the match. Yano has proposed sake, while Kanemaru has proposed whiskey. 

Kanemaru attacked Yano with a whiskey bottle on yesterday's show, then issued a challenge for the KOPW title. The winner of the Christmas Eve bout will be crowned the 2021 KOPW winner. Yano won the trophy in 2020.