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NJPW Strong results: Fred Rosser vs. TJP Openweight title match

The LA Dojo took on the Stray Dog Army and The Factory's Aaron Solo was also in action.

This week's NJPW Strong was from the final night of the Fighting Spirit Unleashed 2022 tapings from Hollywood, California, where Openweight Champion Fred Rosser took on TJP in the main event.

LA Dojo (Kevin Knight & The DKC) defeated Stray Dog Army (Bateman & Barrett Brown)

LA Dojo graduate “Wild Rhino” Clark Connors joined Ian Riccaboni & Alex Koslov on commentary for the first match.

Stray Dog Army jumped the Dojo guys before the bell rang. They threw Knight and DKC to the floor, brawling around ringside and slamming the two into guardrails. Bateman & Brown beat on DKC back in the ring next and for a good while, too. DKC had a few very vocal fans supporting him throughout the beatdown.

DKC eventually slipped out of a Bateman suplex attempt and dashed to his corner to tag in Knight, who exploded with a barrage of offense on both Army members. He landed a twisting frog splash onto Bateman. What was most impressive about that: the guy gets so much air from just a standing frog splash that he creates the illusion that he’s coming off the top rope. Knight has hops. Seriously.

Bateman collected himself and was able to put Knight down with a twisting back suplex. Brown then landed a low basement dropkick. When Bateman went for a press slam, Knight slipped out of it and tagged DKC back in. After some recovery time on the apron, DKC was back in full force and unleashed a series of strikes on Brown. Later, Knight caught Brown with a high dropkick.

The finish saw Brown and DKC trade moves and pinning attempts. Brown hoisted DKC into a fireman’s carry and DKC turned that into a crucifix bomb for the win in a good match with an excited crowd.

Aaron Solo (w/ QT Marshall) defeated Che Cabrera

When the two wrestled on the floor, Marshall interfered behind the ref’s back and attacked Cabrera. Solo did a diving foot stomp late in this for a close two count. Cabrera used an anarchy suplex for a close two of his own.

The finish saw Cabrera go for an Oklahoma Roll, but Solo blocked it and held onto the bottom rope for leverage. Despite the ref clearly seeing this, he counted to three and Solo scored the win. This wasn't a bad match, but the finish overshadowed the rest.

NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Fred Rosser defeated TJP to retain the title

The in-ring story was that TJP would try and break Rosser down with grappling and submission holds, while Rosser would use a more explosive power-offensive approach. 

Early on, TJP tried neutralizing the champion in holds on the mat. Rosser would fire back with hard shots, including a lariat sandwich of sorts where he batted TJP back and forth between both of his arms. He planted TJP with a running death valley bomb. TJP rolled to the floor, and Rosser followed, diving onto him with a flying Earthquake squash off the apron.

Back in the ring, TJP was able to put Rosser down with a big superplex from the top rope. He would later go for his Mamba Splash finish, but Rosser moved out of the way. Rosser would put TJP back into a fireman’s carry hold, but this time TJP countered into a standing crucifix and armbar which looked really cool.

He slapped on a Regal Stretch next, but Rosser broke the hold with a rope break. Rosser used a chicken wing STF on TJP, but it was TJP who grabbed the ropes for the break this time.

TJP later landed a Mamba Splash that definitely came from downtown because the guy connected with Rosser from almost halfway across the ring. He only scored a two count after hitting the impressive splash.

Rosser was finally able to land his fireman’s carry gutbuster. He followed up with an Emerald Frosion before locking TJP back into the chicken wing STF which the challenger succumbed to, giving Rosser the successful title defense.

As Rosser celebrated his win with fans in the crowd, a hooded figure appeared and whacked him with a folding chair. This figure threw Rosser into the ring and continued to beat him down. Moments later, we learned that this was the returning Chris Dickinson who has been out of action since May.

He spiked Rosser with a low angle brain buster before grabbing Rosser’s title and holding it up in the air to the crowd. The crowd booed a lot. Dickinson draped the title over Rosser before making his way to the back.

Final thoughts:

Tonight’s main event did have a sense of importance and championship feel as Rosser and TJP had a really good match. The LA Dojo vs. Stray Dog Army rivalry that has seemed to last a year or so continues to both improve and produce good matches.