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NJPW Super J-Cup night one results: Will Ospreay vs. Amazing Red


New Japan Pro Wrestling kicked off the first night of Super J-Cup action tonight in Tacoma, Washingston. Eight opening round matches took place, including what was said to be an excellent main event between Will Ospreay and Amazing Red.

- Jushin Thunder Liger and Karl Fredericks defeated Ren Narita and Shota Umino

Fredericks won the match for his team with a half Boston crab.

- Soberano Jr. defeated Rocky Romero

Soberano defeated Romero with a corkscrew press.

- TJP defeated Clark Connors

TJP won via submission.

- Caristico defeated BUSHI

Caristico won via Spanish Fly.

- Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Jonathan Gresham

Taguchi pinned Gresham with a rolling cradle.

- El Phantasmo defeated Robbie Eagles

ELP pinned Eagles after a low blow and a cradle with tight pulling.

- Dragon Lee defeated YOH

Lee pinned YOH after a falcon arrow.

- SHO defeated Taiji Ishimori

SHO picked up the win with the shock arrow.

- Will Ospreay defeated Amazing Red

Ospreay defeated Red after hitting the Oscutter and the Stormbreaker.

The next round will take place on Saturday in San Francisco. The semi-finals and the finals will take place at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California on Sunday.