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Stardom wrestlers to compete on NJPW of America cards moving forward


Stardom wrestlers will soon be appearing on NJPW events in America.

During their press conference today, NJPW announced that moving forward, wrestlers from Stardom will compete on NJPW of America cards.

“In adapting NJPW to the global standard and audience expectations, we will be seeing women's wrestlers from #STARDOM in NJPW of America rings moving forward,” NJPW’s Twitter account wrote.

Stardom wrestlers have yet to appear in America as part of NJPW’s touring in the United States. They have appeared on NJPW events in the past, including this year’s Wrestle Kingdom 16 event. On the second night, Tam Nakano and Saya Kamitani defeated Mayu Iwatani and Starlight Kid. It was the first Stardom match to appear on the main card of a NJPW event.

A joint event between NJPW and Stardom is set to take place on November 20 at Ariake Arena in Tokyo. During the press conference, NJPW president Takami Ohbari mentioned that the event will see ‘around two’ mixed tag matches between NJPW and Stardom talent.