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Will Ospreay says he 'nearly died' from May kidney infection

Ospreay missed several events in May as a result of the infection.

Will Ospreay says he "nearly died" from the kidney infection he suffered earlier this year. 

Ospreay was out of action from May 15 to June 8 as a result of the infection. He was forced to pull out of shows for NJPW, RevPro, and Warrior Wrestling.

Ospreay took to social media on Wednesday and commented on how serious his condition was.  

"So it’s not really spoken about enough but May I nearly died. My infection was that serious Came back in 2 weeks. 3 months from that point, tomorrow I’m in the G1 Final on NJPW 50th Anniversary. I wish I could hear your voices. But I’ll fight with everything I’ve got," Ospreay posted to Twitter

Shortly after Ospreay began pulling out of shows in May, our own Dave Meltzer commented on the severity of his condition. 

"It's serious business and until the infection clears we won't have an estimate of when he can return to the ring, but what he has is no joke," Meltzer wrote. "Ospreay said he was as miserable as he's ever been, that he can't stand without feeling he was about to faint, and gets bad sweats as well as bad chills."

Ospreay defeated Tetsuya Naito in the G1 Climax 32 semifinals on Wednesday. He will go on to face Kazuchika Okada in the finals of the tournament on Thursday.