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Will Ospreay suffered heel injury at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14


Additional notes by Bryan Rose

Will Ospreay suffered a heel injury in Saturday's Tokyo Dome match with Hiromu Takahashi where he lost his IWGP Junior Heavyweight title.

The injury took place at the beginning of the amazing series of spots where Ospreay landed on his feet each time.

Ospreay targeted the injury from his first Space Flying Tiger drop spot, where Takahashi moved and Ospreay landed on his feet, just prior to Takahashi giving him a German suplex onto the ramp, in which he also landed on his feet.

The match continued until Hiromu pinned Ospreay with a new variation of the time bomb to win the IWGP Jr. title for the second time. Ospreay wasn’t booked the following night.

He later posted a picture on social media where he was shown icing his heel. He is undergoing x-rays to determine the severity of the injury.

We haven't heard of any other significant injuries from either of the two shows.