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NJPW Korakuen Hall 6-28-15 live coverage: Ten man elimination tag action


By Bryan Rose,
Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Jay White

White played the subtle heel here, at one point using Taguchi’s famed hip attacks. They actually had a pretty solid match with a hot ending. A lot of the match was Taguchi doing the hip attacks, White would come in once in a while and almost had a win with a Boston crab. They exchanged some good near falls toward the end until Taguchi locked in the ankle lock and White tapped.

Tiger Mask vs. Sho Tanaka

Tanaka came at Tiger Mask immediately once the bell rang, but Tiger Mask slowed him down with some leg work. Tiger Mask worked on them some more, crotched Tanaka while making a comeback, laid him out with a butterfly suplex from the top rope and submitted him with a chickenwing. Another solid match, but rather short and Tiger Mask's submission is kind of anti-climatic.

Tiger Mask cut a short promo after, wishing Tanaka luck as he's entering the NOAH Jr. Heavyweight tournament.

Jushin Liger vs. David Finlay

Liger dominated at the start but Finlay made a comeback and hit his father’s famous rolling senton. He even locked in the stretch muffler at one point. Liger came back with the palm strike and a Liger bomb for a near fall, but Finlay reversed into a small package for his own near fall. Finlay went for what looked like a brainbuster, but then Liger transitions quickly into an armbar and Finlay taps. So I guess the theme tonight is all the young lions are losing by submission.

Mascara Dorada vs. Yohei Komatsu