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NWA Power Surge results: Nick Aldis announces top tag contenders


Report --

NWA Power Surge opened with Thunder Rosa at the desk with May Valentine and Joe Galli. Rosa talked about how she was very proud to be doing good things for women’s wrestling both in the NWA, and on the independent scene. Rosa called Kamille a coward, and said she wasn’t sure that she was going to face her.

Jennacide defeated Skye Blue

This was a solid little squash match that made Jennacide look great. Skye Blue bumped well, and sold that Jennacide was a total monster.

Joe Galli claimed that Jennacide learned Muay Thai by having it downloaded directly into her brain, like something out of the Matrix. I found that amusing.

Jennacide dominated a good portion of this match, using strikes and a surfboard stretch before hitting a Yakuza kick in the corner. Jennacide countered a head scissors into a tombstone for the win.


Trevor Murdoch speaks --

A recap of the events surrounding Trevor Murdoch aired, ending with how he was suspended for 30 days.

Murdoch sat down with May Valentine to talk about what happened, and he said he was beat up physically. He said he didn’t expect much when he first came to the NWA, he only wanted to make a splash and stand out. He said he has moved up the ranks and dealt with Nick Aldis putting obstacles in his way, but he wasn’t used to the easy path and accepted that life is hard.

Murdoch said that at the end of the day he had to look at the mirror and he has two young sons at home that he needs to teach how to be a man and carry themselves.

He said nobody wants to put in the hard work and sacrifice everything, and that he had to choose between rent and paying for gas to get to the next wrestling show. He sacrifices time with his family, time with his friends, and working towards the goal of becoming world champion.

He said that a lot of men don’t make it to the top, and there are far more that try to get there. He said that Harley Race set the pace and standard for him, and he is going to follow his path. Murdoch got emotional about missing Race, as he wanted him to be here to show him how far he has gotten.

He is promising to do this for Harley Race, the fans, and his kids that he can be a champion in the NWA.

I assume this was taped before he was suspended for 30 days without pay, but this was an awesome interview building up Murdoch’s motivation for going after the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.


A recap of what is happening between Kratos and Aron Stevens aired.


Number one contenders announced for the NWA World Tag Team titles --

Nick Aldis talked about what was going on with Stevens, and Joe Galli asked if the decision for Thom Latimer to pick Kratos as his tag partner on Power was something Aldis decided. Instead, Aldis confirmed that Latimer made the decision himself.

Aldis then announced that Latimer and Adonis are the number one contenders for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Aldis said that no one comes into the door of the NWA without him knowing everything about them, and he keeps a close eye on everyone, including Kratos. Aldis said he felt very confident about Latimer and Adonis taking the titles.


NWA Worlds Heavyweight title number one contender battle royal announcement --

Aldis said that he wanted the most qualified person to challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and he was looking for someone to step up. Joe Galli then announced that there will be a 14-man battle royal for the number one contendership to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and that no one who is a current champion in the NWA will be in the match. The match will be held in three weeks. 

Aldis was very upset to hear this, and was shocked that Galli had the scoop on him, which he claimed wasn’t supposed to happen as the show went off the air. This was excellent.


Final thoughts --

It seems that Power Surge is going to be mostly a recap show and a chance for one talent to get a good squash in with a few new promos. The promos are absolutely worth watching when they air, as they are always quality.

I loved what we saw from Murdoch and Aldis on this show. If you watch anything on this episode, watch that.