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NXT Lakeland, FL, live results: NXT champ Samoa Joe meets the Perfect 10

Tye Dillinger

I'm here in Lakeland, FL, with a sold out house of approximately 350.

- No Way Jose beat Hugo Knox

Jose was frustrating Knox with his dance moves before catching Knox with the fiesta fireball and the half nelson slam for the win.

- Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton beat TM61

The heels kept control over the faster face team. There were a few impressive hope spots, but the big men were able to hit a double team finish for the win. It started as somewhat of an assisted DDT yet went in to a back suplex of sorts.

- Tino Sabbatelli beat Patrick Clarke

Very impressive showing by Tino early on showing off his athletic ability with leapfrogs and dropkicks. He hit a crossbody and for the finish, he used a new maneuver similar to what Big Show has used in the past: a reverse DDT position before turning and driving him down with an elbow.

- NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha beat The Authors Of Pain

The match built to the always impressive Jordan hot tag where he even suplexed the big men. Spear, dropkick, and the assisted suplex with Gable for the win.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka beat Alexa Bliss

This was a very good match as Bliss continues to elevate herself in the ring. Asuka would get the advantage, yet would get cut off at every turn by the ever aggressive Bliss. Asuka Lock for the win.

- Bayley and Liv Morgan beat Nikki Storm and Lana

Fun match. Lana worked the crowd before the match, saying how this small town shows her how far she's come. At one point, Bayley set up Nikki for a middle rope hangsman stunner. Lana avoided as much contact as possible and let Nikki take the punishment. Once Lana was knocked off the apron, there was a Belly To Bayley on Nikki for the win.

- Andrade cien Almas beat Elias Samson

Pre-match song by Drifter was booed down and led to a big reaction for Andrade. Teased dive by Andrade in to the tranquilo taunt for a big reaction. Drifter’s offense consisted of headlocks and simple slams. Manny got fired up and hit the running corner knees for the win.

- In-ring segment with Buddy Murphy saying and singing that he wants Alexa back, even saying she's a ten...which leads to Tye Dillinger interruptiing and superkicking him out of the ring.

Samoa Joe

- NXT Champion Samoa Joe beat Tye Dillinger

Very good match as expected. Joe put a beating on Tye throughout the match, but Tye would kick out for convincing near falls and even escaped the Koji clutch. Joe was really laying in chops on Tye. Joe hit all his signature stuff before setting up the muscle buster for the win.