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NXT Melbourne, FL, live results: Garza Jr. debuts, Breeze in action

Thursday night's estimated attendance: 300 people.

- Mansoor Al-Shehail defeated Garza Jr.

This was the NXT debut of Garza Jr. He was impressive and entertaining, doing his customary breakaway pants reveal and insisting that Mansoor "watch the face"

The crowd had a great time with this one. Mansoor won with a Roll of the Dice.

- Kacy Catanzaro & Lacey Lane defeated Taynara Conti & Reina Gonzalez

A flip-over bridging pin by Catanzaro won it for the crowd favorites.

- Albert Hardie Jr. defeated Luke Menzies

Hardie used a bridging German suplex for the three count.

- Court Moore did an in-ring segment, with Moore asking the NXT locker room "Who you with?" That brought out MJ Jenkins, who informed Moore that who she's with isn't him -- it's the NXT universe. She slapped him and celebrated with the crowd.

- Brendan Vink defeated Brennan Williams

A big boot got the victory for Vink.

- Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Rinku Singh & Saurav Gurjar

Lorcan and Burch won it with a double-team DDT.

- Tyler Breeze defeated Shane Thorne

The crowd loved Breeze. He hit a Supermodel kick to get the win.

- Bianca Belair defeated Jessie Elaban

Belair won with a torture rack driver.

- Keith Lee defeated Bobby Fish

Lee won the main event after hitting a Super Nova.