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NXT St. Paul, MN, live results: No Way Shinsuke vs. Joe & Riddick Moss


Notes from Erik Patrick Thibault, Andrew Lee, and Chris Harrington from the Roy Wilkins Auditorium

- Rich Swann defeated Tino Sabbatelli with Rolling Thunder (9:30)

Tino would show his abs to get some heat and Swann would pose for a pop. They traded push-ups for some more crowd reaction, and then traded clapping push-ups. Swann won with a somersault into a senton.

- Peyton Royce defeated Daria Berenato with a fisherman's suplex (10:00)

Peyton used the ringside time keeper to buy time. Zero moves in first two minutes of match. The story of the match was Peyton would run away from Daria but Berenato would dominate if she took control. Daria looked good after a nice takedown and then she hooked a guillotine. Peyton's strikes need work. Peyton escaped a bad-looking heel hook, hit a nice knee to the head and fisherman's Suplex for the win.

- Hideo Itami defeated Austin Aries with the GTS (10:45)

Austin Aries came to ring billed from Wisconsin and wearing Green Bay Packers green and yellow Zubaz for easy heat. Itami raised the hand of a Vikings fan at ringside. That led to "Let's Go Zubaz, Zubaz sucks" chants. Aries wrestled the entire match in the We Are NXT shirt, a Packers headband and the Zubaz. Aries was frustrated he couldn't beat Itami. He went for a chair and as the ref was pulling it away from him, Hideo pulled down Aries' Zubaz, exposing His underwear, and then Itami hit the GTS for the huge pop and the win.

- Bobby Roode defeated Tye Dillinger (10:45)

Roode received a huge pop. Dillinger's 10 chants over too. Both wrestlers did their signature poses to each other to stall before the bell rang. Comedy match to start but the fans loved it. Really clever spot where Dillinger stomped on Roode's hands and Roode was shaking them out like Dillinger's hand movements and the crowd would chant "10". Tye went for the Tye Breaker but Roode tore off the turnbuckle. As the ref was putting it back on, Roode raked the eyes, hit a low blow and hit the Impaler DDT for the win.

Roode then attacked Dillinger after the match. Roode went for another Impaler but Dillinger countered into the Tye Breaker and we went to intermission.

They showed Riddick Moss cutting a promo in his first match in Minnesota in four years.

- Shane Thorne defeated Dash Wilder (11:00)

Match was supposed to be TM61 vs Revival. Dawson came out with a crutch, and cut a promo saying they can't defend the titles in Milwaukee, and then Minneapolis. (Show is in St. Paul.)  TM61 baited Wilder to come to the ring saying all the "real top guys" went to Raw or Smackdown. Crowd was dead silent for most of the match. Dawson would interfere occasionally. Thorne showed some great fire during his comeback, and won with a standing hurricanrana after Dawson tried to interfere with the crutch but Dash accidentally hit his partner.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka submitted Ember Moon (10:45)

Moon got a decent pop when she came out. Asuka was super over too. Dueling chants and "women's wrestling" chants. Ember hit a beautiful middle rope cross body to the outside which got loud NXT chants. Asuka put on a beautiful submission. Ember countered a suplex beautifully. Ember's comeback featured a fall away slam, somersault splash into the corner, and a beautiful springboard middle rope corkscrew moonsault. Ember missed a top top move and Asuka did a flying armbar and converted it to the Asuka lock. They got a standing ovation and hugged in the center of the ring after it was over. Great match.

- NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & No Way Jose defeated Samoa Joe & Riddick Moss (16:00)

Not much of a reaction for Moss. He turned the crowd on him by saying his favorite part of being from Minnesota was packing his bags and leaving.

Crowd loved Joe and No Way Jose but Nakamura had everyone pumped up. Biggest pop of night. Nakamura threw his neck brace down on his way to the ring. Joe's left elbow was really taped up. Nakamura took a few bumps towards the end, and Jose was in for almost the entire match. Jose took out Joe with a cross body block on the outside and Nakamura hit Moss with the Kinshasa for the win.