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Cameron Grimes wins hair vs. hair match at WWE NXT WarGames


Cameron Grimes defeated Duke Hudson in a hair vs. hair match on tonight's WWE NXT WarGames pay-per-view. 

Grimes used a hurricanrana and a rollup to pin Hudson after blocking Hudson's Razor's Edge finisher. 

After the bout, Hudson tried to escape having his hair shaved off, but Grimes hit his Cave-In finisher, sat Hudson in the barber's chair and shaved his head with clippers. 

Grimes and Hudson's feud began with a poker showdown on the November 16 edition of NXT 2.0. Grimes bluffed his way to victory against Hudson in the card game. After losing, Hudson cut some of Grimes's hair and beard off. Grimes then issued the hair vs. hair challenge on the November 23 edition of NXT. 

Grimes also defeated Andre Chase in the build to the hair match, as Chase said that he found Hudson's attack and subsequent hair and beard trim performed on Grimes a "teachable moment."