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Cameron Grimes wins Million Dollar title at NXT TakeOver 36


Image: WWE

After two unsuccessful attempts, Cameron Grimes has finally captured the Million Dollar Championship.

Grimes became the new Million Dollar Champion by defeating LA Knight at NXT TakeOver 36 on Sunday night. Grimes pinned Knight after hitting a Cave-In double stomp to the chest.

A stipulation of the match was that "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase would have had to become Knight's butler if Grimes lost. DiBiase got involved in the finish of the match, knocking Knight down with a punch and then putting him in the Million Dollar Dream. The referee was distracted when Knight tried to use the Million Dollar title belt as a weapon.

Grimes and DiBiase hugged and DiBiase presented him with the Million Dollar title after the match.

The Million Dollar Championship was reintroduced for the first time in more than a decade when Knight defeated Grimes in a ladder match at TakeOver: In Your House this June. Knight then turned against DiBiase and attacked him following that TakeOver event.

Knight retained the Million Dollar Championship against Grimes at NXT Great American Bash last month. Grimes had to become Knight's butler after that loss. DiBiase challenged Knight to face Grimes a third time and agreed to be Knight's butler if Grimes didn't win.

When Grimes entered for his match against Knight tonight, he threw his butler clothes into a trash can and revealed new gear with dollar signs on it.

There will be a Million Dollar Championship celebration with Grimes and DiBiase on Tuesday's episode of NXT.