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Candy Floss departs NXT UK following expiration of WWE contract

Candy Floss thanked WWE for supporting her as she battled mental health issues following the death of her mother.

Candy Floss has departed NXT UK following the expiration of her WWE contract.

In a statement posted on Twitter today, the 22-year-old Candy Floss (real name Amy Samrdzija) announced that her WWE contract expired in December of last year. Candy Floss thanked WWE for supporting her as she was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety during the pandemic following the death of her mother in May 2019.

After making several appearances on NXT UK as an unsigned talent, it was officially announced in January 2020 that Candy Floss had signed with WWE. She hasn't wrestled since 2019 but wrote in her statement today that she's feeling much better following her battle with mental health issues. Candy Floss wrote that she hopes to return to the ring sometime soon and thanked everyone for supporting her.

Candy Floss' full statement is available below:

In May 2019 I lost my mum to cancer then in January 2020 I signed with NXT UK.

Unfortunately, my dream career with WWE got put on hold when, during the pandemic, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and anxiety because of the trauma I experienced witnessing my favorite person, my mum, fight for her life. I decided I needed to put my mental health first and WWE couldn't have been more supportive. In December 2021 my contract with WWE expired. It is very sad for me as I wish my journey with WWE didn't have to end like this as I've worked so hard to get signed. I just want to say thank you to WWE for dealing with me so well as I know it's not an easy situation, I'm very grateful for it all.

From fighting in the ring nearly every day, I found myself being in the biggest fight with my mental health. On a positive note, I am doing so much better! My dream isn't over, life just decided to be very unfair (not so sweet ) towards me. Hopefully I will be back in the ring again sometime soon and hurt my 90 year old back again.

Thank you to everybody for supporting me!