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COVID-19 outbreak in WWE NXT, will affect plans for this week's show


There was an outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in a number of positive tests in NXT coming from the Performance Center.

Full details are unavailable past it does affect this Wednesday's NXT episode. Obviously no names are being disclosed nor has WWE addressed it publicly.

What is known is that on Thursday they were building and moving rings at the building next door to the Performance Center and it was said workers were not wearing masks. One report is that there were people who tested positive that both were and weren't there at the time.

Fightful reported earlier today that it came from something Thursday where proper precautions weren't followed.

The word broke yesterday that there was an outbreak and there were substantial numbers who tested positive. Both people testing positive, and others who had been around them, are in quarantine and would be at least through this week.

It is believed no Raw or SmackDown talent was effected by this outbreak.