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D'Angelo, Stacks & Two Dimes defeat Legado del Fantasma at NXT In Your House


Legado Del Fantasma now has to work under Tony D’Angelo as a result of tonight’s loss at NXT In Your House.

D’Angelo, Stacks, and Two Dimes defeated Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Cruz del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde) in the opener of tonight’s NXT In Your House event. The finish of the match had Wilde using D’Angelo’s pipe to attack Stacks, but D’Angelo was able to get Santos’ brass knuckles and struck Wilde with them. A knocked-out Stacks then fell on Wilde, pinning him in the process and scoring the win for his team. Per the stipulation agreed to, Legado del Fantasma now has to join Tony D’Angelo’s group.

The two groups have been feuding in the weeks following Stand and Deliver, which have included kidnappings from both sides. On the May 17 edition of NXT, Escobar defeated D’Angelo in a singles match.

On this week’s NXT, the two groups met on a yacht to discuss the stipulations for the match. It was agreed that whichever team lost, they would have to join the other team.