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Hair vs. hair match announced for WWE NXT WarGames


Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson will each put their hair on the line when they face off at NXT WarGames.

It was announced during tonight's NXT that Grimes will take on Hudson in a hair vs. hair match at NXT WarGames on Sunday, December 5. The match comes after Hudson attacked Grimes last week and cut some of his hair and beard off.

Grimes and Hudson took part in a poker showdown on last Tuesday's NXT. After getting tricked into folding by Grimes, Hudson attacked Grimes and powerbombed him through the poker table. Hudson then got scissors out from under the ring and started cutting Grimes' hair and beard.

An emotional Grimes spoke on NXT tonight and addressed what Hudson did to him last week. Grimes said people would push him around when he was a kid and tell him he wasn't good enough, but he scratched and clawed and was able to make it in this industry. Grimes said he even struck it rich, but he kept his hair and beard to remind him of the times when he had nothing.

Grimes challenged Hudson to come out to the ring. Hudson instead appeared on the video screen and said Grimes should be thanking him for cutting his hair. When Grimes challenged him to a hair vs. hair match at NXT WarGames, Hudson accepted. Hudson said he would take the rest of Grimes' hair.

WarGames is NXT's first streaming special since its NXT 2.0 rebrand. The show will air live on Peacock/WWE Network.