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Hartwell & Lumis wedding angle set for WWE NXT next month


Wedding bells are ringing for In-Dex.

During a backstage interview on NXT tonight, it was announced that an angle with Hartwell and Lumis getting married will take place on the Tuesday, September 14 episode of NXT. The wedding comes after Hartwell proposed to Lumis on NXT last week.

Hartwell said during tonight's interview that being in love is amazing and being engaged is even better. After McKenzie Mitchell asked Hartwell if they had a wedding date in mind, Lumis revealed an invitation announcing the wedding for September 14.

Hartwell & Lumis teamed together for the first time on NXT last week, defeating Jessi Kamea & Robert Stone. Hartwell then proposed to Lumis after the match and Lumis accepted.

Lumis lost a Love Her or Lose Her match to Johnny Gargano in the main event of NXT three weeks ago. The stipulation was supposed to be that Hartwell had to forget about having a relationship with Lumis if he lost. But after being infatuated with Lumis for months, she still chose to get together with him. Hartwell ran back down to the ring and made out with Lumis after his loss.