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Loser Leaves NXT UK stipulation set for Dragunov vs. Devlin title match

The match will air on the Thursday, May 12 episode of NXT UK.

Either Ilja Dragunov or Jordan Devlin will soon be departing NXT UK.

WWE has announced that a "Loser Leaves NXT UK" stipulation has been added to the upcoming NXT United Kingdom Championship match between Dragunov and Devlin. The match will headline the NXT UK episode that airs in two weeks (Thursday, May 12).

The Loser Leaves NXT UK stipulation was proposed by Dragunov during a contract signing on NXT UK this week. He came up with the stipulation as a way to rid NXT UK of Devlin.

Devlin accepted the stipulation, saying that Dragunov won't want to show his face around NXT UK anyway once he loses the title.

The contract signing segment ended with Devlin putting Dragunov through a table with the Devlin Side suplex.

Dragunov has held the NXT United Kingdom Championship since August 2021. He retained against Devlin in an empty arena match this January.

Despite being the one who wanted the empty arena stipulation, Devlin said that Dragunov wouldn't have been able to beat him without the weapons that Dragunov was able to use in the match.

Pretty Deadly and Nathan Frazer have recently departed NXT UK for NXT 2.0.

The May 12 edition of NXT UK will be the 200th episode of the show.

Here are the updated lineups for the next two weeks of NXT UK episodes:

Thursday, May 5 --

  • World of Darkness match: NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defends against Isla Dawn
  • Supernova Sessions with NXT 2.0's Lash Legend
  • Tiger Turan debuts

Thursday May 12 --

  • Loser Leaves NXT UK match: NXT United Kingdom Champion Ilja Dragunov defends against Jordan Devlin