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Malcolm Bivens addresses WWE release, confirms he turned down new contract

Bivens was released by WWE during a set of NXT roster cuts last week.

During a comedy show on Thursday night, Malcolm Bivens (Stokely Hathaway) addressed his release from WWE.

Bivens was released by WWE during a set of NXT roster cuts last Friday. Fightful reported that, prior to his release, WWE had asked Bivens to re-sign with the company this February -- but Bivens made it clear that he didn't want to do so.

Bivens confirmed that report while performing at The Stand in New York City on Thursday night. Bivens said there had been conversations about him going to the WWE main roster, but he chose not to re-sign with WWE because he wasn't happy.

All right, so here’s the truth: There’s a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation. Was I offered a contract in February? Yes. Did I say no to said contract? Yes. Was I offered to be with Omos? No. No one said a word to me about managing Omos. Was I told about the main roster? Yes. And people, they think I’m crazy. Like, ‘Malcolm, you threw away millions, potentially. You walked away.’ Yeah, I did, because I didn’t want to do it anymore. And, unfortunately, I just wasn’t happy. At Stand & Deliver, I had a conversation with the head writer and I told him so. And then two weeks ago, I said the same thing, ‘I don’t think this was for me.’ And that’s okay -- because your happiness is not dictated by what people say you should do. Happiness is dictated by what you think you should do. Because there’s a difference, right? 

In NXT, Bivens was the manager of Diamond Mine. The faction includes Roderick Strong, The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed), and Ivy Nile.

Bivens also commented on his future in pro wrestling during Thursday's comedy show. Bivens said he's done with wrestling for now, but he might come back.

Shout out to Brutus, shout out to Julius, Ivy, I’m gonna miss them. I love them like they were my kids. But, you know, sometimes in life you have to move on, you know? And people ask me -- or they have been asking me -- you know, ‘Malcolm, is this it for you? Is this it as far as professional wrestling goes?’ And for now, I have to say yes, have to say yes. But, will I come back? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe for the right price.

Bivens had been with NXT since signing with WWE in March 2019. He previously worked for EVOLVE, ROH, and MLW.