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New Tag Team Champions crowned on NXT UK

Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith are the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

After twice unsuccessfully challenging for the titles, Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith are finally the NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

Carter & Smith won the titles by defeating Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) and Die Familie (Teoman & Rohan Raja) in a triple threat match on this week's NXT UK. Dissension between Bate and Seven led to Moustache Mountain losing the titles.

Seven was going to use one of the NXT UK Tag Team title belts as a weapon, but Bate wanted to win the right way and tried to take the belt from Seven. As they argued, Carter took out Bate with a dive to the outside. Smith then rolled up Seven to get the win.

Bate and Seven continued to argue after the match, with Seven walking off and telling Bate that he's "done."

The story leading into this week's title match has been centered on Bate being unhappy with Seven cheating to win their matches. Both of their previous title defenses against Carter & Smith were successful due to Seven cheating to win.

Moustache Mountain had been NXT UK Tag Team Champions since winning the titles from Pretty Deadly last December.