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NXT commentator Wade Barrett signs contract extension with WWE

Barrett does color commentary for NXT alongside announcer Vic Joseph.

Wade Barrett has signed a new contract to remain part of the NXT commentary team.

In an interview with BT Sport, Barrett revealed that he just signed a contract extension with WWE. Barrett does color commentary for NXT every week alongside play-by-play announcer Vic Joseph.

After departing WWE in 2016, Barrett made his return to the company in August 2020, doing commentary at an NXT television taping. It was confirmed in September 2020 that Barrett had officially signed a contract to become a full-time member of the NXT commentary team.

"I'm about to hit my two-year anniversary. Just signed a new extension to my contract, actually," Barrett said. "Last week agreed to the new deal. Very, very happy to be staying around with WWE and continuing in my role with NXT. Thrilled to be in that environment. Loving it."

Barrett was a five-time WWE Intercontinental Champion during his in-ring career. He hasn't wrestled since 2016.

In his interview with BT Sport, Barrett said he loves doing commentary for NXT and it's the happiest he's ever been. Barrett said he's not chasing an in-ring return but would be open to getting back into the ring at some point if the right opportunity presented itself at the right time.