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NXT Level Up results: Trick Williams vs. Javier Bernal


Sanga defeated Dante Chen

This match wasn't good at all, but I kind of enjoyed Sanga.

Sanga used his strength early to overwhelm Chen. Sanga maintained this control, taking his time beating up Chen with a wide variety of moves.

Chen tried to launch a rally after escaping a choke late in the match, connecting with a DDT and big boot to score a near fall. Chen's comeback ended after Sanga ignored a dropkick and leveled him with a lariat. He then pinned Chen with a chokeslam.

Elektra Lopez defeated Thea Hail

Choosing to have most of this match on the mat certainly was a choice. This wasn't great.

Lopez gained the upper hand early. Hail attempted to gain some kind of a footing but fell to a slam, leading into an extended mat control segment from Lopez.

After escaping arm control, Hail finally got in a bit of offense. Hail overextended, leaping after an Irish whip, but Lopez didn't bounce off the ropes. Lopez then grabbed Hail, hit her with a sitout powerbomb, and pinned her to win the match.

Trick Williams defeated Javier Bernal

This was bad.

This match opened with a slick sequence of wrestling and arm drags with both men trading advantage. Trick connected with a dropkick that led to a strong stint of offense from him. To launch his comeback, Bernal eventually landed some move (he just kind of fell; I have no clue what to call it).

Bernal scored a near fall after a reverse atomic drop and Russian leg sweep. When Bernal attempted a second leg sweep, Trick reversed, hit a big boot, and pinned Bernal.

Who is this for? This is just completely forgettable, mid-at-best wrestling. These guys and gals are green; surely letting them work out the basics away from the world's largest wrestling promotion's cameras would be ideal? I have no clue why they choose to broadcast this every single week.