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NXT UK results: Meiko Satomura & Sarray vs. Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander

Trent Seven, Kenny Williams & Tiger Turan were also in competition.

This week's WWE NXT UK was taped at London's BT Sport Studio with Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness on commentary. 

Tiger Turan defeated Kenny Williams

Williams promised last week that not only would he defeat Turan on this week's show, he would unmask him and prove to the world he is Amir Jordan. 

The commentary team was divided on whether Turan is Jordan or not. Shepherd believes Turan is a brand new wrestler on the roster while McGuiness isn't so sure. 

Turan got the early advantage over a frustrated Williams until a chop block to the knee changed the tide of the match. Williams was then in control for a period. 

Turan made a comeback, hitting a dropkick from the second rope that sent Williams out of the ring. Turan then hit him with a suicide dive. After tossing his opponent back in the ring, Turan went for a top rope senton but Williams got his knees up. 

Williams hit a penalty kick and began to taunt his opponent. Turan countered by rolling Williams up in a small package to get the three count. 

Williams attacked after the match. He hit Bad Luck and then ripped Turan's mask off only to reveal that he was wearing another mask underneath. Referees and security then hit the ring before Williams could rip off the second mask. 

- A clip of Sam Gradwell confronting Trent Seven in the back was shown. This took place last week after Seven had attacked a fan. Gradwell called him the "dirt worst."

- Die Familia confronted Oliver Carter in the gym where he was with Charlie Dempsey. They asked him if he was "with them or against them." Carter told them he and Dempsey that he would run through all of them. A match was later scheduled between Teoman and Carter. 

Josh Morrell defeated Primate

Primate looked to have taken control of this match after hitting a german suplex from the second rope. He then hit a clothesline in the corner and a big back body drop for a two count. 

Morrell managed to come back after avoiding a charge into the corner. He landed a plancha to the outside, but then missed a 450 splash. Moments later, he would end up hitting a Code Red for the victory. 

The commentary team played up what an upset this was and how it is Morrell's first win in NXT UK. 

- Blair Davenport was shown arriving to the building. She was confronted by Amale. She told Davenport that she hopes her comments last week were not about her. Davenport said her comments were directed to the whole NXT UK roster that whatever "hopes they may have are about to change." She then warned her not to "step to her like that again." Stevie Turner then exited the building and Amale thought she was laughing at her. Amale told Turner she will beat her next week and that she hopes Davenport will be watching. 

- A video package featuring NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov was shown where he spoke about never having faced Wolfgang before. 

Trent Seven defeated Tate Mayfairs 

Fresh off his attack of a fan last week, Seven was in action this week against Mayfairs. 

Seven chopped his opponent down in the early moments before taking firm control with a DDT. He then worked on his opponent for awhile until Mayfairs made a short comeback. 

Mayfairs got a two count off a running crossbody, but Seven regained control short after. He then hit a Seven-style lariat to get the three count. 

After the match, Seven continued to put the boots to Mayfairs and then locked in a variation on a figure four leglock. Gradwell's music hit and he came in to make the save, however. Seven slid out of the ring and made his way to the back. 

- A video previewing next week's Noam Dar vs. Mark Coffey for the Heritage Cup was shown.

NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura & Sarray defeated Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander

Brookside and Sarray started the match. Brookside eventually got the advantage and she and Alexander isolated Sarray for a period. Sarray eventually hit a dropkick on Alexander and tagged out.

Satomura was then in control until she tagged out. Alexander would hit Sarray with a big clothesline shortly after. This led to the heels working on Sarray for an extended period once again. 

Alexander had Sarray in a camel clutch until she eventually fought her way out and tagged in her partner moments later. 

Once Satomura came back in, all the momentum was back with the babyfaces. She hit a frog splash on Alexander, but Brookside broke up the pin after. 

Satomura would tag out moments later and once again, the heels were able to take control. Sarray fought back, however, and hit a brutal dropkick on Brookside while she was draped on the ropes. Satomura then tagged in and hit Scorpio Rising for the win. 

Satomura and Sarray celebrated in the ring to end the show. 

Next week:

  • Noam Dar defends the Heritage Cup against Mark Coffey
  • Teoman vs. Oliver Carter
  • Stevie Turner vs. Amale