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NXT UK's Bailey Matthews gets new WWE in-ring name


Bailey Matthews, the son of William Regal, has gotten his new WWE in-ring name.

Matthews is now going by the name "Charlie Dempsey" in NXT UK. The announcement was made via a video that aired on today's NXT UK episode. The video ended with the announcement that Charlie Dempsey is coming soon.

Matthews said in the video:

An inspiration of mine used to say, 'The body is just like a ladder, having to move up and down it with every move you do.' Hearing that, something clicked in my head. I've actually gone out of my way to seek out the British competitors of the past and train with them, to learn this style that I've come to adopt. I'm not going to do any flips out of the ring, treat this like an acrobat contest. I'm going to take my opponent down and grind them down to a paste. And I'm going to show you something that you've never seen before.

It was announced this January that Matthews had signed with WWE and joined NXT UK. He's had one match for NXT UK, making his debut in a loss to Tyler Bate in February.

WWE hasn't acknowledged Matthews' relation to Regal.

The video announcing Matthews' name change is available to watch below: