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Report: Grizzled Young Veterans get new WWE NXT in-ring names

Zack Gibson & James Drake haven't officially appeared on NXT since April.

The Grizzled Young Veterans' new WWE NXT in-ring names look to have been confirmed.

PWInsider reported today that Zack Gibson will be known as "Rip Fowler" and James Drake will be known as "Jagger Reid" going forward. The two haven't officially appeared on NXT since losing a tag team match to Legado del Fantasma this April.

Though they haven't officially appeared, it's been heavily speculated that Gibson & Drake are Joe Gacy's cloaked tag team The Dyad. Last month, The Dyad made their in-ring debut in a victory against Javier Bernal & Dante Chen.

Gacy & The Dyad also defeated Diamond Mine (The Creed Brothers & Roderick Strong) on NXT two weeks ago.

A promo aired on NXT this Tuesday where Gacy promised that The Dyad will reveal themselves next week.

After The Grizzled Young Veterans lost to Legado del Fantasma in April, WWE uploaded a post-show video where a dejected Gibson & Drake said they're past the point of frustration. Drake said we "won't be seeing Drake & Gibson around here" anymore.

Gibson & Drake are former NXT UK Tag Team Champions.