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WWE 205 Live results: Joe Gacy vs. Xyon Quinn

Trick Williams, Ikemen Jiro, and Lash Legend were also in action this week on 205 Live.

Trick Williams defeated Ikemen Jiro

Trick and Jiro opened the match with showy chain wrestling. A whip into the ropes ended the opening sequence and left Williams in a strong position. Trick used a straightjacket choke to keep Jiro on the ground for some time; Jiro flipped out of the hold, initiating a rally filled with jacket punches. Out of left field, Trick caught Jiro in the corner before landing a swinging neckbreaker. Trick then pinned Jiro for an abrupt end to this match.

Lash Legend defeated Erica Yan

This was pretty bad. The in-ring was either uninteresting or awkward.

Legend ended Yan’s early attempt at wrestling by using her strength advantage. A sit-down slam and an elbow drop left Legend with a near fall. After Legend held her on the mat for a while, Yan eventually began a rally, landing a crossbody to gain a lead late in the match. Legend caught Yan before she could follow up in a back-to-back stretch. Yan submitted.

Joe Gacy defeated Xyon Quinn

The match was unremarkable, but hey, what can you expect?

Joe Gacy cut a promo calling 205 Live exclusionary. According to Gacy, now that 205 Live no longer discriminates based on weight, everyone has the opportunity to “level up”, including his opponent Xyon Quinn.

This Gacy fellow is weird, but it’s nice that there is some kind of narrative on this show.

Quinn and Gacy opened the match with a playful exchange, but as things escalated, Quinn established control. Gacy fought into the match with a backdrop which he followed with some neck-focused groundwork. Gacy avoided Quinn’s attempts at offence for a while, but Quinn eventually caught him with a headbutt followed by multiple Irish whips. Quinn tried to follow up, but Harland at ringside grabbed Gacy, helping him overpower Quinn. Gacy then hit a handspring lariat to close the match.