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NXT Level Up results: Bodhi Hayward vs. Dante Chen

Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, and Fallon Henley were also on this week's NXT Level Up.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade defeated Quincy Elliott and Damaris Griffin

This wasn't great. This was Griffin's debut.

Elliott started the match by using his size to gain a quick advantage that he passed on to Griffin. After the tag, Enofe and Blade took control with a typical tag team strategy.

Griffin eventually landed a spine buster that turned into a bit of offense. Griffin then tagged Elliott, who launched Enofe across the ring with a giant pounce to cement their control.

Elliott missed a sitting drop, allowing for a hot tag into Blade. This launched a chaotic sequence of control trading. Eventually, Blade landed a splash, and Enofe pinned Griffin.

Fallon Henley defeated Thea Hail

This was dreadful.

After an awkward opening takedown exchange, Hail was left in a position of control. Hail's standing offense looked quite bad, but she eventually took Henley to the mat, working a basic submission. Once Henley escaped, she launched a comeback, brought to an end by a single leg running knee. Henley pinned Hail to bring this match to an end.

Bodhi Hayward defeated Dante Chen

This was a fine little match that played well to both men's strengths.

It opened with Hayward and Chen trading favorable positions standing and on the mat. Chen was the first to emerge with control after a pair of well-timed neckbreakers.

Chen kept Hayward under his control with a prolonged chin lock. Once Hayward escaped, he launched a comeback filled with powerful moves. Hayward closed the match with a spinebuster pin combination.