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NXT Level Up results: Channing Lorenzo & Troy Donovan in action

Tony D'Angelo's associates were in action this week on Level Up.

Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile defeated Erica Yan and Sarray

I enjoyed this; it was simple and focused -- precisely what it needed to be.

Nile took control of the match immediately following the opening bell. After being handed the Yan & Sarray gained control after Paxley was tagged in.

Nile tagged back in and caught Sarray with a quick kick to retake momentum. Nile then took her time delivering power moves, leaving Sarray desperate before tagging back into Paxley.

Paxley took the match to the mat for a while, buying Sarray enough time for a hot tag. Yan's rally was cut short as Nile stealthfully tagged back in. Nile hit Yan with a superman punch and locked in a dragon sleeper to bring this match to a close.

Salone Jacobs defeated Thea Hail

These women are green (both are under 20), and it showed. The match was far from memorable, which is probably a good thing.

The match opened with standard back and forth wrestling, arm drags, and strikes. Jacobs eventually worked Jacobs into the corner, gaining control with some boots, which she followed with a scoop slam. After scoring a near fall, Jacobs took things to the mat for quite some time.

Once in a standing position, Hail began to rally but was cut short after Jacobs caught a stray kick and hit Hail with some kind of fireman's carry drop. Jacobs then pinned Hail to win the match.

Channing Lorenzo and Troy Donovan defeated Javier Bernal and Dante Chen

This mafia gimmick is terrible, and this match was boring.

Both teams traded momentum early, mainly utilizing headlocks. After a fumble, Lorenzo tagged into the match and started putting the boots to Bernal. Donovan and Lorenzo then traded tags, working to isolate Bernal.

Bernal eventually hit a lariat and enziguri to tag out to Chen. Chen ran through his opponents but couldn't connect with his finish. After a blindside boot from Lorenzo, the mafia guys hit Bernal with a double boot and pinned him to win the match.