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NXT Level Up results: Chase U vs. Javier Bernal & Myles Borne

This week's show also saw the debut of Sol Ruca.
NXT Level Up

This week's NXT Level Up featured the debut of Sol Ruca, plus Chase U looking for its third straight win.

Ikemen Jiro defeated Quincy Elliott

This was a match of Level Up regulars. As goofy as this was, they both have a lot of charisma, which is more than a lot of the NXT roster can say.

The start of the match was the two trading hand signals and dances. Jiro struggled to get Elliott to the ground. Elliott turned around a body slam for the upper hand. Every offensive move by Elliott was followed by some kind of dance or gyration. 

Jiro turned things around with a superkick and springboard moonsault. Elliott got a little too cocky in the corner with some hip thrusts and Jiro rolled him up for the win.

- Andre Chase, Thea Hail and Bodhi Hayward were backstage with Kelly Kincaid and talked about their recent trip to the UK. Apparently, Chase is getting knighted soon? Chase promised a teachable moment in the upcoming main event.

Kiana James defeated Sol Ruca

Ruca, a former Oregon athlete, was making her debut against James, the former Xtina Kay from AEW, who was coming off a win against Indi Hartwell last month.

The match started with some great back and forth between the two. Ruca has a great look and some good charisma. James locked on a bodyscissors that moved to a sleeper. Ruca fought out and showed some great athleticism with a shoulder tackle and dropkick, but James hit the wraparound DDT for the pin.

Chase U (Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward) defeated Javier Bernal & Myles Borne

Borne started the match with some catch wrestling on Chase. They went back and forth until Bernal made his entrance with Hayward. Hayward looked great here as what he did was simple but good. Bernal and Chase both got the hot tag, but Chase ran wild and spelled out Chase U with some kicks and the crowd.

Bernal and Borne, who had never teamed before, went for a double team move and ran into each other. The Chase U team focused on Borne. When he went for the tag, Bernal just kinda walked away hurt instead of tagging in. This led to Chase and Hayward hitting the Flatliner for the finish.

During the finish, Bernal was stuck on the bottom rope trying to break up the pin. There was no one holding him back, so it looked very goofy.

This was Chase & Hayward's third straight win on Level Up.

Final Thoughts:

This was fun and short, which is always good. Jiro and Elliott weren’t the best technically, but their charisma was enough to make it watchable. Ruca had a solid debut match and showed some great athleticism.

The main event was also a fun and short match that was straight to the point. Hayward has a ton of charisma and I could see him having a future in the company. However, I don’t think Bernal and Borne will be teaming up in the future.