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NXT Level Up results: Dante Chen vs. Bodhi Hayward

Xyon Quinn, Lash Legend, and Valentina Feroz were also in action this week on Level Up.

Xyon Quinn defeated Damon Kemp

This was, in fact, a wrestling match that happened.

The match opened with both men testing one another. Eventually, Quinn dropped Kemp by blocking a crossbody attempt. This lead was short-lived as Kemp wrestled a now bloody Quinn to the mat.

Quinn finally fought to his feet, laning a handful of strikes before a swinging Samoan drop and superman forearm left him with the win.

Lash Legend defeated Valentina Feroz

This was bad. There were some cute ideas, but the execution was just off at nearly every turn.

Legend used her significant size advantage to push around Feroz after the opening bell. Feroz tried to check Legend’s size with leg kicks and cruiserweight offence. Instead, Legend shrugged off Feroz, throwing her to the ground before a prolonged stalling suplex left Legend with a strong lead.

Feroz eventually snuck in a choke. Legend survived by slamming Feroz into the corner and throwing her to the mat. Legend tried for a chokeslam, but Feroz connected with a quick sequence of dropkicks to maintain her lead. Hoping to finish the match, Feroz tried for a dive; Legend caught Feroz, but Feroz managed to transition into a leg based choke. But Legend escaped by trying to bounce Feroz against the top and middle rope. Once Legend escaped, she hit Feroz with a boot to close this one.

After the match, Legend cut a promo. She said she was Lash Legend, emphasis on Legend (her emphasis, not mine). She then called out Nikita Lyons, who she’s been feuding with on NXT.

Dante Chen defeated Bodhi Hayward

This was a nothing match—not bad; not good.

The match opened with some back and forth wrestling. Chen brought the early standstill to an end with a pair of arm drags. Chen’s lead came to an end after Bodhi connected with a sudden takedown.

Robert Stone came from the back. This distraction allowed Chen to steal control for a moment, but after a failed suplex attempt, Bodhi retook the advantage. Meanwhile, Andre Chase and Stone argued on the outside. Bodhi was distracted by this again, allowing Chen to grab a quick pin. Bodhi was caught so off guard he did not kick out.