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NXT Level Up results: Duke Hudson vs. Javier Bernal

Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo defeated Hank Walker

What an absolutely bizarre match.

Hank Walker looked like he was just picked up from an East Tennessee Autozone and was told he had to wrestle. Instead of wrestling like a hoss, Walker used grappling and arm drags. I guess Stacks' ring work is how I'd imagine a mobster would wrestle, if that means anything.

Stacks opened the match with kicks. Walker caught Stacks, turning things around with a pair of arm drags. Stacks fought back into the match with a knee to the mid-section and some strikes. Walker kicked out of a pin attempt following a Stacks uppercut before attempting a rollup. Stacks landed a lariat to maintain his control, but again, he couldn't close the match.

Once he escaped ground control, Walker planted Stacks with a crossbody and ripped off his mechanic's shirt. Stacks answered with a pair of strikes and a kick to the head to close the match.

Amari Miller defeated Sloane Jacobs

What this match lacked in polish, it made up for in energy. Don't get me wrong, the match wasn't great, but they certainly left it all in the ring.

The match opened with both women trading control in a less-than-stellar ground sequence. Jacobs tried to maintain arm control as the awkward grappling continued. Jacobs whipped Miller arm-first onto the mat, successfully gaining control.

Miller slammed Jacobs into the bottom rope but couldn't capitalize. Jacobs flattened Miller with a boot and retook the arm. Once Miller fought free, she turned things around with a barrage of kicks. To close the match, Miller slammed Jacobs into her knee, leading to the successful pin.

Duke Hudson defeated Javier Bernal

Utterly forgettable.

Hudson toyed with Bernal from the opening bell, using his size to gain the lead while taunting Bernal throughout. Bernal tried to fight his way into the match but couldn't achieve anything significant. Hudson ended Bernal's rally attempt with an STO before continuing to make offensive gains.

After a long struggle, Bernal reversed a slam into a DDT. Bernal followed up with a sliding elbow and a crossbody, leading to a near fall. Bernal tried climbing to the top, but Hudson intercepted him before hitting a crucifix powerbomb to close the match.