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NXT Level Up results: Enofe & Blade vs. Chen & Bernal


Fallon Henley defeated Brooklyn Barlow

This match wasn't great, but both women displayed a lot of ring presence. Barlow is green, and that showed. Henley was charismatic in her delivery, even through the awkward moments.

The match opened with a clumsy wrestling sequence that turned into a brief pin exchange. After a test of strength, Barlow tried scoring a submission with a unique standing neck crank. Once she escaped the hold, Henley lept into offense, landing a lariat, bulldog, and single-leg running knee to close.

Tatum Paxley defeated Sloane Jacobs

I wish I knew why all of these matches feature so much empty mat wrestling. Paxley has one of the most exciting movesets I've seen on Level Up, but it's wasted on matches made up mostly of rest holds.

Paxley opened the match by trying to score a quick win with a sly pin; Jacobs tried the same but was slammed for her troubles. Paxley then took the match to the mat, stretching Jacobs for some time. Once she escaped, Jacobs took her turn controlling the match on the mat.

Paxley fought back into the match with a swinging neckbreaker, dropkick, and gut-wrench suplex. With the end in sight, Paxley delivered a spinning electric chair powerbomb into a bridging pin to win the match.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade defeated Dante Chen and Javier Bernal

This was a pretty by-the-numbers tag match. For what it's worth, the crowd was into Enofe, especially after the hot tag.

This match opened with a couple of team-based sequences that favored Blade and Enofe. After Blade missed a leaping knee, Chen tagged in and took the match to the mat.

Bernal and Chen worked to isolate Enofe on the mat. Enofe finally received a tag, leading to an exciting comeback sequence. Blade and Enofe then worked together to hit Bernal with an elevated leg cutter. After landing the tandem finish, Enofe pinned Bernal to win the match.

Once the smoke cleared, both teams shook hands.