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NXT Level Up results: Ikemen Jiro vs. Dante Chen



Valentina Feroz defeated Arianna Grace

This match started fairly hot but fell apart almost immediately.

The opening collar-and-elbow turned into a battle on the ground in an intriguing opening sequence. Once they got back up on their feet, the match fell apart. Grace connected with some clumsy offense before taking the match back to the mat with a choke hold.

Feroz landed a leg scissor takedown, a trio of throws, and a spear, but Grace basically laughed it off. Grace tried lifting Feroz over her head, but Feroz reversed into a backslide pin, bringing the match to a close.

Sloane Jacobs defeated Sierra St. Pierre

This was bad.

Jacobs used a headlock to establish control early. Pierre tried for offense a couple of times but couldn't get anything substantial until she grabbed a handful of hair. Once scoring a hair-pull takedown, Pierre connected with some horrible-looking strikes from full mount.

Pierre tried using a neck crank to maintain her control, but Jacobs fought to her feet and landed a butterfly suplex, clothesline, and a fireman's carry facebuster to win the match.

Ikemen Jiro defeated Dante Chen

Compared to the rest of the card, this was fine—I mean, this was boring, but not horrible or anything.

The match opened with a series of quick pin attempts. Jiro took the lead with some arm drags and maintained it with work on the ground. Chen tried to fight back in the match with a botched double-knee facebreaker, but Jiro kept up the pressure with more rollup attempts.

Chen took mat control with a wear-down hold, focusing on Jiro's arm. Jiro finally escaped with a pair of knees, followed by a sequence of jacket punches and springboard moonsault for a near fall. Chen answered with a gutbuster, but Jiro bounced back with an Ikemen Slash. Jiro then pinned Chen, winning the match.